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Au Revior, Grace

Tomorrow, Grace and her world will be saying goodbye and retiring. It's going to be sad to see such a wonderful and inspiring girl leave, but I can't wait to see what American Girl has in store for the new GOTY. Grace wanted to say a few words to everyone before she and her collection was gone.

Bonjour everyone, it's Grace. Today, I wanted to share with you that I will be leaving tomorrow. No, no, I will not be leaving my home, but my collection at American Girl is being retired for the new Girl of the Year, Lea Clark.

I was nervous at the beginning of 2015. Would I be a hit, or would my collection and I be forgotten and remembered as " Just another GOTY "? Turns out, I was wrong. I soon became very popular, and one of the best Girl of the Years! That made me happy, and it makes me even happier that another doll like Lea will have the chance to experience the amazing things about being a GOTY.

I've met lots of friends this year, even a furry one, too! I've heard that Lea is going to have fun and exotic pets like a turtle, sloth, and maybe even a tiger kitten! Bonbon would love to have a playmate like that, wouldn't you girl?

"Woof, woof!"

Some people have asked me, "What are your thoughts on the new Girl of the Year, and are you sad that you're being retired?". Well, yes, I am sad. But I know that I'll be remembered for my yummy treats and my Patisserie. Did you know that it's the largest (and most expensive!) item American Girl has made so far? Wow! But I'm VERY excited to meet Lea. She loves to travel, just like me!


Bonbon is also a little sad that she'll be leaving, too. But aren't you excited about meeting new pets?

"Woof! Arooooo!".

I think that means "yes"!

I'm so excited that Lea and her pets might be joining our doll family. It will be fun to get to know a doll that's so adventurous and brave!

I've had a great time being a Girl of the Year, and I hope Lea will, too. Au Revior!

-American Girl Doll Crafter, Grace, and Bonbon


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