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Review: Himalayan Kitten

When I saw this cute kitten, it was love at first sight! Her eyes looked so sweet yet mischevious, and I liked how she has a fish toy instead of a bone. I recieved her for Christmas, and the dolls named her Cupcake! Cupcake is a very naughty kitten, and she loves to play outside. Ready for a review?

The Himalayan is priced at $28. It think it could be little lower, but the kitten does have quite a few feautres.

First, let's start with her fish toy. It's plastic, and there's a magnet inside so Cupcake can hold it in her mouth. The fish has creepy eyes...but that doesn't really matter. :P

The fish doesn't really look like it's in Cupcake's mouth. I was a little dissapointed, but you can't notice it that much.

Cupcake has many features. Her fur is a light white/cream color, and she has chocolate brown muzzle, paws, and ears.

Look at Cupcake's little pink nose! Her half-way smile makes me think that she's up to something... ;) There's a magnet in the kitten's mouth so she can eat her fish and pet treats. I'm glad that she doesn't have embroidered eyes. The bead ones look more real to me. :)

Cupcake's legs can move. She can't stand up that well if she's in a running pose; she'll usually wobble to one side.

On the back left paw, American Girl's star is embroidered on the bottom.

Cupcake did have a tag on her leg, but it was HUGE! I cut it off, but you can still see a little bit of it.

The kitten's tail has a different feeling than the other brown fur. It's sort of rough. The tail is not poseable.

A closer picture of the tail.

One thing I dislike about the Himaylayn kitten is that her head doesn't move very far. This is a picture from the front view. On Christmas, Cupcake's head would barely moveat all. I turned it a little bit, and it made a big "pop".

Overall, this is a nice pet, but I think some things could be better like the head and mouth magnet. I still love this cat, though! She's very cute, and this is the doll's first pet with moving legs! :) I rate the Himalyan kitten 4 out of 5 stars.

Here are some bonus photos!

I love this one. :)

And this one!

I was taking these photos at our new house. We have a community dock, and the view is amazing!

This is the marsh. It's muddy an has lots of reeds and tall grass.

I like the sunlight in this photo.

Which photo did you like best?

-American Girl Doll Crafter

P.S. I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long again! Our internet still hasn't been set up and I have to use other kinds of limited Wifi. Sorry!

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