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A New Adventure

"No, I really think we should go to the right".

"Left is better. We got lost last time we went to the right!"

"Yea, but it's a different path."

"I still think we should go to the left."




The two girls began to argue loudly about which way they thought was best- right or left. They were trying to reach thier destination, but they weren't getting anywhere. :P

Meanwhile, a few blocks down the road, Lanie and Georgia were taking an afternoon walk.

Georgia was humming the tune to her newest song, "Best Friends Forever".

"Wow, Georgia! What a catchy tune! I've never heard it before."

Georgia blushed. "Thanks! It's my new song. Want to hear it?".


Georgia opened her mouth to sing the first note... "You're my be-".

"We should go left!".

"No, right!".

Two very loud voices interrupted Georgia's singing. "Did you hear that?", asked Lanie, puzzled.

"Yeah... I did. What was that?".

The girls kept walking until they saw two other dolls. They looked a little lost... Well, maybe really lost.

"Hello?", Georgia said, but the two dolls didn't hear her. "Hello?".

Suddenly, Lanie screamed, "HELLO!".

"Huh?". Both dolls turned and saw Lanie and Georgia.

"Hi! Can we help you? Are you lost, and why are you fighting?", Georgia asked, smiling. The two girls looked ashamed and embarrassed.

"Um...Hello. I'm Lea Rey Clark. This is my cousin, Lea Camille Clark.", said Lea Rey. She seemed a bit shy, but the other Lea wasn't shy at all.

"Hi! Yes, we are sort of lost. We're trying to get to our new home, but we don't know if we should go right or left."

"Do you have the address to where you're going?", said Lanie.

The Leas' looked at eachother and giggled. "Well, you see, we're both going to different places. I'm traveling to 107 Dolltown Drive, and Lea Rey is going to 105."

'Hmm... 107 sounds familiar...', thought Lanie. Then it hit her. "Wait, 107 is where I live, my friend Georgia here lives at 105!", she exclaimed. "You're our new sisters!".

The dolls all screamed in delight!

Once it quieted down, Lea Rey spoke up. "I'm excited about meeting my new family, but I'll miss you, Lea." She pulled her cousin into a big hug.

"Don't worry, girls. Your houses are right across the street from eachother. You can visit anytime.", Georgia assured them.

"Really?", squealed Lea Rey.


All of the dolls laughed.

"It's getting late, and I'm sure you're tired from ya'lls long journey.", said, Lanie, linking arms with Lea. Georgia did the same, and they all went home, talking happily along the way.

The two Lea's were so grateful for such kind sisters, and they couldn't wait for thier new adventure to begin!

The End!

Yes, DollBaker24 and I did get Lea! She's a beautiful doll, and her hair is GORGEOUS.

I (DollBaker24) decided to name my doll Lea Rey. I aslo recived her Welcome Accessories which I really like! I'm so grateful to have a wonderful doll like Lea. :) I LOVE her earrings! My Lea's face is a little different from American Girl Doll Crafter's. (This always happens when we both get the same doll.)

My Lea doll actually had a crooked eye when I first recived her for my birthday two weeks ago. I decided to send her back, and American Girl sent me another Lea doll for free! :) We had to wait until she arrived so we could take photos.

We hope you enjoyed the story, and lookout for lots of Lea Reviews coming soon!

-American Girl Doll Crafter and DollBaker24

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