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A "Sweet" Disaster

It was a beautiful winter afternoon! The sun was about to set, and it cast golden shadows everywhere in the park.

Today, La Petite Patisserie was booming with business!

Due to all of the new customers, Grace need some extra help, so she hired Z as a waitress. So far, Z was doing pretty good.

"Would you like a baugette, Madame?".

"Oh, yes. Could I also have a three Fruit Tarts, two Chocolate Macarons, and one more Cupcake? Thank you!", Maryellen replied.

"...Um, ok. Are you sure you want all of that?", Z asked, a little confused.

"Yes, I'm the customer and I know what I want. Thank you, and hurry up!", she demanded. "I have to be at a Sock Hop by 4:30!"

On the other side of the park, Grace was helping Annie decide on which treat to buy.

"Hmm... They all look so good, Grace. What do you reccomend?".

"We have lots of delicious treats here," Grace began. "But I think my favorite is our Chocolate Cupcake."

Annie stared at the cupcake. It did look yummy... "I think I'll have the..."

"KITTEN! Look out everyone!". A loud scream made all of the dolls jump.

Millie ran furiously, chasing a small brown and white kitten that was dashing towards the pastry cart.

"A kitten?! I think I'm allergic!", cried Z. Suddenly, it was chaos! Everyone scattered and screamed.

Z dropped her baugette and started to run, while Annie followed behind her.

Maryellen had no idea what was going on, so she just screamed and waved her arms like everyone else, knocking down all of her food.

"AHHHHHHH! What's happening?", she yelled.

The furry little kitten was headed straight for Grace- and her pastry cart!

"Oh dear... Stop that cat!", she waved her arms at Millie.

"Don't worry Grace, I"ll get her! Almost there...OOF!"

Millie fell, hard. She tripped on a small twig and lost her balance.

"I'm ok...", she moaned.

The kitten sped past Millie and made a dash for the cart.

She began to climb,

And climb,

Until she reached the top and busted through the treats!

The kitten was about to scamper off, but something on the ground caught her eye. It was a chocolate cupcake.

She decided to take just one tiny bite...

And the kitten loved it! She began to devour the cupcake in seconds.

After everyone had recovered, they all gathered around the kitten.

"Phew! That was close. She could have knocked down all of my treats!", said Grace, with a sigh.

"Where did this cat come from anyway?", asked Annie.

"Well, it was a Christmas present from Mom to us. When she got out of her cage, she ran away and I had to come and chase her down.", Millie explained.

"Have you named her yet? She is sorta cute...", Z said, looking down at the kitten.

"I thought you were allergic!".

"Well, not really.", Z smiled sheepishly.

The dolls stared at the kitten as she gobbled down the last few bites of her cupcake.

"At least we know that my cupcakes are good! That little cat ate it right up.", giggled Grace.

Then an idea hit Millie. "Hey, that's it!".

"What's it? My cupcakes?".

"No, well yes! Cupcake is the perfect name for our new kitten!", Millie exclaimed.

She scooped up Cupcake and gave her a hug. Cupcake started to purr, and soon fell asleep in Millie's arms.

"We've had a busy day, girls. How about we go home and relax?", she suggested.

The dolls agreed, and they all started walking to the dollhouse.

Well, not everyone...

"HEY! Hey, come back! Waiter, I haven't finished my meal! Where's my macaron!"

"It's too bad my first day as a waitress got ruined.", Z told Annie.

"Hey! Wait, come back!"

"You did great, and there's always tomorrow.", Annie replied.

"Ugh, nevermind. I'm late for my sockhop, anyway. This was awful! ....but hey, at least I didn't have to pay!".


Cupcake is the newest pet in our doll family, and she's very mischevious! She would have loved to take part in The Big Pet Mess. A review on Cupcake is coming soon! Also, did you notice that a new doll was in the story? Her name is Z, and DollPandaLover recieved her for Christmas. (She loves her so much!) A review on her is coming soon, too!

I'm sorry I haven't been able to post as much; we're moving. No, no, not far away, but just like 15 minutes down the road. I've been so busy packing! After this week, things will slow down and I can get back to posting everyday. Sorry! :)

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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