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Review: Truly Me #40

For Christmas, DollPandaLover really wanted Truly Me #40. She had already picked out a name and everything. On Christmas morning, Truly Me #40 was waiting for her under the tree! DollPandaLover was so excited and Z is her most prized possesion. Z runs the DollPandaLover version of the Z Crew, and she loves animals. (DollPandaLover is hoping to buy Z her Dalmation puppy, Popcorn.) My sister allowed me to use Z for a review, so let's begin!

Hi world! I'm Z. :)

Z is Truly Me #40. She's a beautiful doll, and she has an Asian look.

Z's hair is a dark chocolate brown that comes right below her shoulders. It's silky, soft, and smooth. :)

This is what her hair looks like in the back.

Z has feathered eyebrows and light colored skin.

Her lips are a nice peachy color similar to Maryellen's. Z's eyes are dark brown and the have a unique slit on each side.

Next we have the dress! It's a nice lilac color, and there's blue stars embroidered at the top. Some of the tread is coming out, but I think that's just from little-girl play. ;) There's also sequins and tulle sewn on the top. I think that gives the outfit a nice and modern touch.

The belt on the dress is very cute! I love the little shiny parts in it. The belt goes all the way around where the velcro meets.

At the bottom of the dress, there is more tulle and sequins. There's also American Girl's silver tag.

These shoes are grewat for mix-and-match, and DollPandaLover has already used them in many different outfits! They're a bright blue, with sparkly glitter polka-dots.

This is what Z looks like from the side view. (I love the little beams of light in this photo!)

Overall, Z is a very nice doll. She's is definitely worth the money, and she's perfect for little girls as a first doll. Her hair is short and easy to keep up with, but it's also long enough to fit in ponytails or pigtails. DollPandaLover rates Z 6 out of 5 stars!

Here's some extra photos! :)

Lately I just love photographing doll's shadows. I don't know why, but it just something fun I like to do! :)

-American Girl Doll Crafter, DollPandaLover, and Z

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