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Now Officially Open - Doll Days Doodles Etsy Shop

The BIG surprise is here! Doll Days now has it's own official Etsy shop, Doll Days Doodles! We sell handmade coloring pages and other cute surprises. (Don't worry, I'm still doing free coloring pages!) I would like to give a special thank-you to a special friend of mine that helped me set up my shop. She was very patient and kind. ;)

Now, are you ready to see our new items? Take a look!

Bahia Berry - $1.00

I had so much fun drawing this one! The fruit stand has so many unique and bright colors.

Underwater Adventure - $1.00

(This one is my favorite.) ;)

Rainforest Hike - $1.00

Meet Lea Clark - $1.00

You might be a little surpised by the next coloring pages... ;)

Just Hanging Out! (Sloth) - $1.00

They're pet coloring pages! These were sort of a challenge to draw, but I still enjoyed it.

Margay Meow (Margay Kitten) - $1.00

Dive In! (Sea Turtle) - $1.00

Lea's Exclusive Coloring Page Collection - $5.75

This is a coloring page collection of all the Lea coloring pages in my shop. It sells for a cheaper price than buying the coloring pages individually, and you also get a special extra coloring page of Lea's Beach Dress! (It's only available in this collection.)

Next, we have a few Valentine's Day coloring pages!

Be Mine - $1.00

In this coloring page, two dolls are wearing the newest Valentine's Day coloring pages from American Girl.

I Woof U Card - $1.00

This is a special Valentine's Day card! You print it out, and fold it on the dotted line, and you have a unqiue card!

So, what do you think? I'm so excited and can't wait to make more coloring pages! Be sure to take a look around- I'd love to hear your thoughts about Doll Days Doodles. :)

I hope you enjoy my shop!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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