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My Thoughts - Lea Clark and Her Collection

I'm still so excited that Lea is here! Her collection is so tropical, and I really like that. Today, I thought I'd share My Thoughts with you on Lea and her Collection. Let's get started!

1. Lea Doll and Book - $120

Lea is gorgeous! I have to admit, when leaks about Lea first started appearing, I thought, "No way am I going to get this doll!". But when the doll leaked, I started warming up to her. Then, after her collection leaked, I was sure that I loved her. Hopefully Lea can join my doll family one day! Her eyes are beautiful, and her hair is so unique. :) Lea's Meet Dress is my favorite outfit from her collection. It's so bright and colorful! You can save $5 when you bring Lea home with her accessories.

2. Lea's Exclusive Collection - $180

I like this collection, and it's a neat way to get an exclusive outfit. While it's very nice, I don't think I'll be buying it. I love the sunglasses that come with the beach dress!

3. Lea's Accessories - $32

The blue camera! It's so cute! I don't think I'll be buying this, but I really like that camera... :) Some of the things included are similar to Grace, and the paper items could be damaged easily.

4. Lea's Rainforest Hike Outfit - $34

Besides her Meet Dress, this is my second favorite outfit from Lea's collection! The shirt looks like someone painted it with watercolors. I like the different colors on the boots. Lea might need this when she explores outdoors. :)

5. Rainforest Hike Accessories - $28

If your Lea doll is ready to explore, then this set is perfect for her! I love all of the bright colors on the backpack. The walking stick is also cute, too. I really like this set and I might buy it. :)

6. Lea's Rainforest Dreams Pajamas - $24

These are cute, but I still don't know what to think about them. I've never seen someone wear a romper to bed, but the slippers are nice. :)

7. Mix & Match Swim Set - $34

I love the idea of a mix-and-match swim suit set! I'm not a fan of the bikini, but the rest of this is neat! I might buy this before the begining of Summer- my dolls don't need a swim suit in the winter! :P

8. Beach Accessories - $34

This is okay, but I won't be buying it. The snorkel and flippers are cute, and I like the pattern on the towel.

9. Three- Toed Sloth - $20

DollBaker24 loves this little sloth! It's cute, but I like Lea's Sea Turtle better. :) The sloth has velcro on it's hands so it can hold on to tree branches! It looks so sweet and sleepy... zzzz....

10. Margay Cat - $20

This cat looks a little mad and happy at the same time. I wonder if it's legs can move... DollPandaLover likes this kitten. :)

11. Sea Turtle - $18

My personal favorite; Lea's Sea Turtle! But I wonder why it costs less than Lea's other animals. I love the turquoise and rusty brown on it's shell.

12. Rainforest House - $395

Who wouldn't love to have this! It's so detailed and amazing! Even though the price is less than Grace's big item, it's still lot of money. The bright colors really make it pop and all of the furniture is removable. I love the outdoor shower and hammock! I don't know where I'd store this if I had it, though.

13. Fruit Stand - $150

I probably won't be getting the Rainforest Hut because of the price, but this is much more afforadable. I LOVE it! This is one of my favorite items of Lea's. "Bahia Berry" is a cute name for a Brazillian fruit stand. I like the cooler and the smoothie blender. :) This would be great for stories.

14. Ocean Kayak Set - $85

I liked this alot when I first saw it, and I still do! :P The reversible scenes was a great idea. It's nice that an underwater camera and life jacket come with it. I might save up and buy this during the summer.

15. Rainforest Dreams Pajamas for Girls - $38

I don't really like these pajamas, but I'm starting to like the ones for dolls. I've never worn rompers or romper pj's, so I don't think I'll get these.

15. Rainforest Dreams Slippers for Girls - $22

Ahhh... These are cute! I love the pink flower and the sequins. I like these alot becaue they're flip-flops, and it's hot were I live. I might buy these... They look so comfy!

16. Lea Clark's Dress for Girls - $48

I really like this dress! It would be so fun to match Lea, and the pattern is so unique and colorful. It reminds me of something an artist might wear. Lea's slippers for girls would actually look pretty cute with this! :)

17. Lea Clark's Messenger Bag for Girls - $38

This is huge! It's almost the same size as Grace's Polka-dot Purse for girls. I think it's neat that you can wear it as a backpack, but I won't be buying it.

So, overall, I love Lea's whole collection and my goal is to save up for most of her items. Her collection is so tropical and some things remind me of Kanani's collection. I found a few fun facts about Lea on American Girl's website, and I thought I'd share them with you!

1. Did you know that American Girl started designing and working on Lea in 2014? Wow, that's when Isabelle was GOTY!

2. Lea wanted a pet alligator when she was little! That would be a bit scary... :)

3. Lea's older brother, Zac, calls her "cricket".

4. Lea is scared of swimming because she almost drowned in a lake when she was 6.

5. Camila is Lea's friend from Brazil, and she visits Lea in the United States.

There are also some cool pictures of Lea and her collection around American Girl's website!

I love this picture of Lea in her Rainforest House. :)

At Lea's section of the website, there are many things to do. You can make fun crafts...

Read an excerpt of her stories...

Play games and take quizzes...

Or download wallpaper for your computer, phone, or iPad! (DollBaker24 and I changed our computer's wallpaper to the photo above!)

You can also learn about Lea's Sweepstakes- Wild At Art. You can win great prizes by having an art sale! American Girl is partnering with the World Wildlife Fund like athey did with No Kid Hungry for Grace.

What are your thoughts on Lea and her collection? -American Girl Doll Crafter

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