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Melody's Doll Debut Photos on CBS

This morning, pictures of Melody and her collection were shown CBS!

Melody's Mini Doll is right by the book. She has the Sonali face mold! :D I wonder why she doesn't have dimples... The items that might be included in Melody's Accessories are a hat, purse, sunglasses, and a civil rights pin for her dress.

"Melody is representative of arguably one of the most important periods for African Americans in U.S. history. Responding to why the character is only being introduced now in 2016, Prohaska said, "We do approach every character very thoughtfully so this isn't something we rush into. We're not looking to address critical demand -- we're looking to tell stories in the most authentic and genuine way that we possibly can."

This is an inspiration board. Designers use it to help them gather information and inspiration for what they're making.

These are photos of Melody's collection. I see her pajama's and meet outfit for girls. I also see something that looks like a hairstyling set. :)

"Lead designer Heather Northrop and her team worked with the board to bring Melody's story to life. When it came to choosing her hair, Northrop said she consulted the panel several times to get the texture right. Melody even has her own bed and recording studio that plays music from Motown."

I'm assuming that this will be her main photo. It's so cute, and I love the scene!

In her second book, Melody starts a children's club. I'm guessing that this will be sold as her club set, along with her table and chairs sold separtely. The leaked eBay outfit is Melody's! Adorable!

Melody's bed! The leaked star shirt that we assumed was for Bitty Baby is actually another item that belongs to Melody.

I saved the best photo for last... ;) It's the recording studio! I LOVE this! The studio actually plays Motown music.

"Melody will be available in stores late this summer. Her price tag is $115, but if you also want the recording studio and all the rest of her accessories, that will set you back nearly $900."

Melody's whole collection is $900! That's alot. Her big ticket item will probably be her recording studio.

My sisters and I can't wait for Melody's release! I don't know if I'll buy her this year or not... I just received Lea, and plus- well... that's a secret for now. ;) I'd love to read the rest of her books to find out how all of her items play a role in her story. Oh, it's all so exciting! :D

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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