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Review: Dalmatian Puppy

Z's life wouldn't be complete without her adorable Dalmatian puppy, Popcorn! DollPandaLover knew right away that this would be the perfect pet for her new doll. When my Mom ordered our birthday presents from AG, she also wanted to surpise DollPandaLover with the Dalmatian puppy. But when we opened the box, Popcorn wasn't inside! :P We called American Girl and they quickly sent us our missing dog. Now this playful pup is ready for a review!

American Girl's Dalmation Puppy is sold for $28 like the other pets. Popcorn arrived with a blue chew toy that she can hold in her mouth.

All of the new pets have magnets in their mouth, so you could easily craft toys for them.

Look at Popcorn's sweet adventurous eyes! If you look closely, they are green around the edges. Popcorn has a black plastic nose, perfect for sniffing out buried bones!

She also has cute floppy ears.

Since Popcorn is a Dalmatian, she has lots of black spots on her soft white fur.

Her legs can move just like the other Truly Me pets, and they're very easy to move unlike the Himalayan Kitten's.

My sisters and I don't like the huge tags that American Girl are putting on the new items. DollPandaLover cut it off right away.

The puppy has AG's signature star sewn on her back left paw. It's on the very bottom, so it's not noticeable.

Popcorn's tail is long, but it doesn't bend.

Overall, the Dalmatian dog is a great pet for any doll! DollPandaLover rates Popcorn 5 out of 5 stars, and so does Z! :)

Here are some bonus pictures that I took at the dock. I love taking pictures there... It's just so peaceful and pretty. :)

Popcorn looks so fearless in this picture!

DollBaker24 was stretching in the sun, so I quickly snapped this photo of her. :P

DollBaker24's shadow was on a post on the dock, and we thought it looked cool!

I hope you enjoyed the review!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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