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A Special Find About Kaya

Kaya was my very first American Girl Doll. I think I received her when I was about... 6 maybe? She's had many adventures- from playing indian camp to having tea parties. Over the years, Kaya has gotten a bit worn out. Her legs are extremely lose, and her hair will sometimes shed when I comb it. (I guess that shows that I really loved Kaya!) I don't use Kaya for many things because her legs and arms are wobbly. But a few days, I found something amazing about my Kaya!

While I was dressing Kaya, I noticed something unusual. Her neck didn't have the big, bold, American Girl logo. Instead, the stamp said, "PLEASANT CO 2002". Kaya is a Pleasant company doll! I can't believe I have an actual doll from Pleasant Company! This makes Kaya seem even more special to me. :)

I also decided to give Kaya a "new do". What do you think? To me, she looks a little more modern. :)

Do you have any Pleasant Company dolls?

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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