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Review: Lea Clark's Slippers for Girls

Where I live, we wear flip-flops 24/7 in the summer, so when I saw Lea's slippers for girls, it was love at first sight! These slippers are perfect for places where it's not too hot and not too cold. Today, I have a review about them for you!

DollPandaLover is our pretty model. ;)

Lea's slippers retail for $22. I think that's a reasonable price.

The slippers are very comfortable and they're made of a fuzzy green material with a flower in the middle. One thing my sisters and I dislike is that the slippers don't fit very well. When we first tried them on, our heels kept hanging off on one side. I think it's because the toe-separator thing is sewn directly in the middle.

On the back of the slippers, there is white plastic. This is nice, but I wish it was another color because as you can see, white gets super dirty. :P

The size is also on the bottom.

The pink flower is my favorite feature! It's made out of tulle.

The flower is sewn in the middle of where the two straps meet.

The toe-separator thing is made out of a very unique material. At first, I thought it would be uncomfortable, but it actually feels very nice.

On the straps, there are 6 sequins sewn on there. I could hardly notice them at first.

An American Girl tag is in the middle of the slipper.

Here's a comparison of Lea's slippers for girls and the slippers for dolls.

As you can see, the doll slippers are darker than the ones for girls. They also have more sequins.

I just had to share this photo- it's so cute! :)

Lea's slippers are very nice and tropical. They're perfect if you want to match your doll! Overall, I rate the slippers 4 out of 5 stars. The only thing I wish could be better is they way they fit on your feet. Otherwise, they're really cute and comfortable!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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