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Meet Sierra!

Are you ready to meet the newest doll in our American Girl family? She's so ready to meet you! Everyone, please welcome...

Sierra! (Truly Me #60) I didn't buy Sierra, and I didn't recive her as a gift. I actually won Sierra in American Girl's Worl By Girls Contest! Yes, that's crazy, but it's true!

It was one of those hard days in school, and I was puzzled over my Math problems. My sister (DollBaker24, who is a math whiz) had already finished her schoolwork and went upstairs to help our Mom with lunch. DollBaker24 just happened to check our Mom's phone, and an email popped up that said, "Sweepstakes - World By Girls Entry". "Mom, look at this!", she said. Of course they were both surpsied, and DollBaker24 ran downstairs to where I was working. "Hey, you might want to see this cool thing that American Girl sent us!". I grabbed the phone, and as soon as I read the first sentence, I jumped out my chair and screamed! :P I was shocked that I was one of the winners for my age group. That was a country-wide contest; I mean, I hoped to win, but it didn't really seem possible. But hey, anything is possible with God, right? ;)

I wasn't planning on buying a Truly Me doll anytime soon, so I had no idea which doll to chose. I finally narrowed it down to 2 dolls, #47 and Truly Me #60. I wanted to add an African American doll to my collection with the Sonali face mold, but then I thought, "What if Melody has the Sonali Face Mold and I like her better?". That changed my mind a little bit. I had been looking at #60 for a while. She caught my eye out of all the Truly Me dolls, and she reminded me of one of my favorite movie characters, Sierra, from McKenna's Movie. After considering it and listening to my family's suggestions, I finally decided that #60 was the one! :)

I'm so grateful to God that I was one of the contest winners. I'm also grateful to have won Sierra, and it's something I'll remember forever. :)

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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