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Mornings With Lanie

Zzzz.... Zzzz.... *snore*

'Lanie, lanie! Time to wake up.'

Zzzz.... Just five more mintues, McKenna...


'Lanie, please. I'm hungry. Get up-'

McKenna get off of me! Zzzz...



Hey! What was that? I'm trying to sleep.

Oh, hi! It's me, Lanie. Today, Lulu and I are going to show you how to get up and going in the mornings. Ready to get started?

'Yes, Lanie. They've been ready for hours!'

First, always make up your bed. Moms don't like messy beds, so be sure that it's nice and neat.

Once you have made up your bed, it's time to find something to wear!

Now, depending on the weather, you can wear shorts or a sweater.

But I personally prefer...

Matching girl-and-doll outfits! They're perfect for Saturdays! Now, let me go change...

Ta-da! How do I look? As you can see, Maryellen let me borrow her outfit. :)

She also let me borrow her crinoline. Girls in the 50's wore them to make their dresses extra fluffy and full!

Of course, my hair is a mess! If your hair is super frizzy like mine in the mornings, use a brush to gently comb all the tangles out.

Ahhh! So refreshing...

I'm going to put my hair up in a ponytail. Perfect for a day full of adventures!

I'm almost done, Maryellen. We look just like twins!

Isabelle always says, "An outfit is never complete without accessories!". I agree. What doll doesn't love earrings and pearls? ;)

You can also add a little make-up to finish your fabulous look. No, Lulu, you can't have any. Remember what happened last time you used makeup?

A little here... and a little there... Perfect!

How do I look? Maryellen, Lulu and I are ready to own the day!

Come back next time and I'll show you how to get ready for bed time. Bye!


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