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My Thoughts - American Girl Summer Releases

Hello! Today, American Girl released some new items for the summer, and I'm going to be sharing my thoughts and opinion on them. Let's get started, shall we?

Lea's Celebration Outfit - $34

This outfit was leaked multiple times last year. I don't know if I would buy it yet, but it's growing on me. The embroidery on the hem and top is a nice feature. The headband seems a little cheap to me, but that's just my opinion. :)

Lea's Beach Picnic Set - $34

This is so CUTE! I love the bright colors and the little blanket/mat. The basket is nice and colorful, and it could probably hold everything in this set. The food and coconut drink are so realistic! That's one thing I love about AG food. I'd like to buy this before the year is over, but my wallet is completely empty right now... Mom, when is it time to clean the house again? XD

Lea's Celebration Outfit for Girls - $58

I like this dress, and it would be nice for church. It's kind of on the expensive side though.

Lea's Adventure Tee for Girls - $28

I'm so glad that American Girl made a shirt for girls like Lea's hiking outfit one! The price isn't as bad as the previous outfit so I would most likely buy this over the Celebration dress.

Lea's Beaded Necklace for Girls - $18

This is my favorite thing from the release for girls, and I'm glad that it's not $60 like Grace's charm bracelet. The only thing I wonder about is the charm- does anyone know if it's silver? The little tassel on the end adds a cute touch.

Lea's Wish Bracelets for Girls - $8 (Separately)

It's so cool American Girl made Wish Bracelets for girls! My sisters and I were trying to figure out to make one, but now, girls can just buy these. My favorite is the pink one, because pink is my favorite color. ;)

Fruity Fun Outfit for Bitty Baby - $26

I'm not a Bitty Baby collector, but this is very cute! I love the sandals.

Stars and Stripes Set - $34

American Girl had a great idea to make a set like this with the olympics coming up. I'm sure many girls will want this. The swim cap and goggles are very cool! It's nice that this swimsuit has more of a style for people who do swimming as a sport.

Spirit Squad Outfit - $28

Honestly, I'm a little disappointed in the new cheer set. I doesn't come with as much as the 2-in-1 set, and this one is similar to a retired cheer outfit.

Doll Sports - $22.99

A doll sports craft book! Yay! I love to play sports, so I might save up for this. That big foam hand is super cool!

Rainbow Collar and Leash - $12

Okay, this is the cutest leash and collar EVER! I'm just loving the colors and star charm. Cupcake has been needing a collar, but none of the other ones fit her personality. This one is perfect!

Fur-rocious Pet Outfit - $18

This outfit is kind of weird. I don't think it will sell very well, but the frisbee toy is cute.

Pomeranian Puppy - $28

This puppy is adorable! I've seen it in Costco before, and now you can buy it online at AG. While it's very cute, I don't really want it. I've been trying to find the cocker spaniel for Sierra.

Galaxy Pet Bed - $26

The frisbee in the Fur-rocious Pet Outfit has the same pattern as this bed! That's pretty neat. I'm not one for stars and outer space, so this isn't something I'd buy. It's very unique, though.

So, what did you think of the new items? I was hoping for more doll outfits, but that alright. I wish there would be a Beforever release sometime soon, but we'll just have to wait and see. :)

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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