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Review: Lea Clark's Pet Sea Turtle

Oh my... has it been 8 days since I've posted? That's a long time to be away! Well, it's just been super busy lately - yesterday we had to clean our whole house, I'm trying to get ready for Mother's Day, I have to practice for choir, sew, draw, and everything else! Thankfully, today is Saturday, so I can finally post. :)

We went to the beach last week, so I took Ginger along for some photos. Some people thought she was a real turtle! Ready for a review?

Lea's pet Sea Turtle is sold from American Girl for $18. Honestly, I think it's a little bit overpriced for something so small, but it's still very cute.

The turtle has a plush body that's nice and soft. I noticed that her flippers and head are a different color than the stock photo. My turtle is more of a white color, while the one in the picture on looks more yellow.

The eyes are embroidered like all of the new American Girl pets, but I actually like these! Ginger also has an adorable little nose.

I don't know if you can see it that well in this picture, but Ginger's head isn't straight. I like that though- it's what makes her special. ;)

I will say that I was kind of surprised when I first this shell; I always thought turtles were green. But I love how unique it is, and the pattern almost looks like tie-dye.

The edges of the shell looks like it has ruffles in some places.

Ginger's flippers are a white color with rusty orange spots. 3 lines are sewn down the middle to add detail.

The back flippers are similar to the front, but they aren't as big.

One of my favorite features that the sea turtle has is this adorable tail! Isn't it so small and cute?

If you flip the turtle over, you can see that the bottom side of her body is white.

There was also one of those huge tags, so I cut it off.

Overall, I am very happy with Lea Clark's pet turtle. It's the perfect size, and it's very realistic, too. I rate this sea turtle 5 out of 5 stars!

Here are some bonus photos!

Go, Ginger! You can do it! Crawl back to your home! :D

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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