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NEWS! - American Girl Wellie Wishers Books

The new Wellie Wishers line (available June 24th) now has it's own section on American Girl's Publishing site. There are no dolls or books for sale yet, but you can see picures of the stories and a few illustrations around the website.

There are covers to the 3 WW books found on Amazon. I could make out the first and third title which are "The Riddle of the Robin" and "The Muddily Puddily Show", but one of the words in the second title is kind of blurry. It looks like it says "Ashlyn's (insert middle word here) Party".

It's rumored that the Wellie Wishers dolls will cost $60 each. To me, that's way overpriced, but if they're cute enough and quality is really good, I could see some girls buying them.

I actually don't think the Wellie Wishers line is that bad. I like the logo and garden/outdoor-sy theme, and how each doll has rainboots... er, I mean wellies. ;) Some people say that this doesn't "look like American Girl", but I honestly think American Girl did a good job with this new kind of doll. Not every girl wants an actual baby doll, but they don't care for the 18 inch ones yet. This is a cute way to give girls age 4-7 a nice doll selection.

What are your thoughts on the Wellie Wishers? Share your thoughts in the comments! :)

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