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Leaks, Leaks, and More Leaks!

Lots of leaks have suddenly appeared this month. For awhile there hasn't been many at all, but now they're popping up everywhere! Let's take a look at some these interesting items.

Many leaks of outfits can be found on eBay- like the one above. It was listed recently.

These look more like pajamas to me. They are definitely on the funky side, which makes me think that this set will belong to Julie. I don't know how good that cut down the middle will look, but this might be a prototype, meaning it could change.

A pair of lavender tights were included in the listing as well.

There are also some fuzzy slippers, too.

Melody's Floral Peplum Dress has made it's way back on eBay again; this time with a pair of unique shoes.

I like the shoes. They're so simple and cute. I wonder what outfit they will be in...

A mysterious dog was found on eBay, too. It's assumed that it will belong to the next Girl of the Year because of it's embroidered eyes. (GOTY pets have embroidered eyes, while Truly Me ones do not.)

Inspired by American Girl's new pomeranian puppy, the pajamas pictured above are rumored to be released this year. Honestly, I think they are a purchase-with-a-purchase, but I could be wrong.

What a gorgeous and elegant coat! It's said that this will belong to Melody. I hope so- this is super cute!

A while back we heard that Josefina was getting a new outfit. Could this one be it? This set was found on eBay, and it's definitely bright and colorful. :)

I can't figure out which doll might have this... Maybe Addy or Truly Me? I like the red polka dots.

I saved the best for last. He he. ;)

Ta da! Get ready, because an ultimate guide to American Girl is coming this fall! I am so excited for this. It includes behind-the-scenes info, facts and more! Oh, and that's not the only thing...

An American Girl sticker book with over 1,000 stickers! AHHHHH!!! The book comes with scenes and reusable stickers that can be placed anywhere. I'm curious to see all of the dolls- it looks like Melody and Lea are on the cover... along with an adorable African American doll in an outfit I have never seen before. I'm beginning to think that she is GOTY 2017... :)

Phew, those were a lot of leaks! I'm surprised at how many new things we might be seeing from American Girl. Hopefully these new items will be released soon!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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