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Review: Lea Clark's Wish Bracelets for Girls

Boa tarde, meu amigos! (Good afternoon, my friends!) I thought I'd try a little Portuguese today. ;) Anyway, our yard is currently being landscaped, so the grass got ripped out before I could take photos. :( On the bright side, I did have the opportunity to review Lea Clark's Wish Bracelets for Girls from American Girl. Let's get started!

Lea's Wish Bracelets cost $8 each. That seems overpriced to me, but I guess it's because of the metal charm. The bracelets are made of a very thin and silky ribbon, so whenever my sisters and I wear one the charm always falls to the bottom of our wrist. However, I like the variety of colors, and how each charm plays a different role in Lea's story. There are wishes on each bracelet; Frendship and Love (Pink), Joy and Peace (Blue), Nature and Harmony (Green), and Courage and Strength (Orange).

Each bracelet has a plastic bead that can slide up or down, making it easy for these to be any size. I love how the bead is the same color as the words on the ribbon!

To keep your bracelet from falling off, there are two knots at the end.

One thing that was disappointing was that the ends were beginning to fray. :( I was expecting for them to be sealed or something like that, but I guess not.

The bracelets all have a unique charm. I'm unsure if they are sterling silver.

The orange wish bracelet has a turtle charm. In her story, Lea has a turtle named Ginger. When she sees the sea turtles in Brazil, they remind her of her pet back at home.

The pink bracelet's charm is Lea's signature flower icon. This has appeared on most of her clothing and items from American Girl. This charm is my favorite. ;)

The next charm is a butterfly. It is also featured on a few of Lea's products, too.

Last, is the green wish bracelet's charm; a palm leaf. This stands for all of the tropical and exotic plants in Brazil.

I rate Lea's Wish Bracelets 2 out of 5 stars. The materials are cheap, and if the bracelet gets wet, it curls up and the bead will slide off. There is also not a good balance between the weight of the charm and the weight of the ribbon. We also had quite a few complications with our bracelets being shipped. :(

Speaking of Lea, be on the look out for a surprise coming soon! :)

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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