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My Thoughts - American Girl Wellie Wishers/Truly Me Summer Releases

How many of you were up at 6 on the morning of the the new releases? Me! :P I woke up and thought, "It's the Wellie Wisher release day!". Little did I know that along with the WW, there would be a whole batch of new Truly Me items, too. So, today I will be sharing my thoughts on American Girl's latest release. Let's begin. :)

1. Wellie Wishers: Camille, Emerson, Willia, Kendall, Ashlyn - $60

I used to think that since these dolls were made for 4-7 year olds, so I shouldn't get one. But believe me, that's totally wrong! These dolls are adorable, and while they are definitely different from the traditional AG doll, they still have that classic American Girl look. $60 seems a bit high, but usually things like this are good quality and you get what you pay for. My favorites are Camille (blonde), Willa (red hair), and Kendall (African American). Kendall is creative and crafty like me, and her little curly buns are so cute! She would make a sweet little sister for Melody. ;) Willa is pretty too, and while both of my sisters love her, I'd have to say DollBaker24 likes her the most. Her skirt has a fresh and fun feel to it, and I just adore her shirt! Ashlyn has a princess theme to her outfit. As you can tell by the tiara, she's a girly girl. And just look at that tutu! :D Emerson has the cutest little face. Her smile is so happy and cheerful. She's the entertainer of the bunch. I like Camille a lot. She looks almost exactly like me... and well, we both have the same name. But shhh! Don't tell anybody. ;) I like to joke about that with my sisters an friends. Camille enjoys swimming, and is a kind and caring friend to the other Wellie Wishers. I'm not really sure which doll I would buy; I'd have to see them in person first before making a decision.

2. Wellie Wishers Playhouse - $250

While this is very cute, I think it's way overpriced. It costs almost as much as Maryellen's diner. However, this house does come with many accessories. I'm sure some of you are wondering where the leaked Mud Pie stand is, and I couldn't find it at first either. But after taking a closer look, I noticed it was in the house! :P The different prints everywhere make this item a fun toy for younger girls, but I don't think I will be this.

3. Garden Theater Stage - $90

This seems a little expensive for just a stage and a few cardboard props, but the cardboard can be turned around to reveal a night time scene! Isn't that just cool? I think that was smart of AG. :)

4. Carrot and Hutch - $42

Last year, the bunny named Carrot that is shown here, was leaked. It was difficult to say who owned this pet- Lea hadn't made her debut yet, and Melody was a possibility, too. Now we know that it belongs to the Wellie Wishers! Carrot is a fluffy white bunny that comes with a bright blue hutch. I love bunnies, so I think this is a cute set. :)

5. Garden Party Table and Chairs - $58

Okay, this is adorable! I definitely think one of us might get it sometime in the near future, but right now I'm saving my money for other things. The chairs are so elegant.

6. Berry Sweet Snack Stand - $28

Did ya'll notice that the berries in this set are the same ones from Grace's Bistro Set? I thought that was neat. This snack stand is cute, but I don't really care for it.

7. Giggles and Grins Playset - $24

The names fits this set perfectly! You'll get lots of "giggles and grins" while playing with this. The star glasses are cute, and I like the red clown nose. Oh, and how could we forget the rubber chicken? XD

8. Tea for Two Party Set - $24

I can see lots of girls buying this. I mean, who wouldn't want to have a tea party with their dolls? ;) Look at the little owl teapot- Too cute!

9. Make-It-Great Playset - $24

I'm pretty sure this set belongs to Kendall. She loves to make things, and this would be perfect for crafty Wellie Wisher! The hammer is pretty neat. I might buy this, I'm not sure.

10. Ocean Treasures Set - $24

For some reason, I don't really care for the Ocean Treasures set. I don't know why... It just doesn't look as fun to play with.

11. Nature Explorer Set - $24

This is my favorite set from the Wellie Wisher collection. The acorn bag great for holding items while your doll travels, and I think you could use this for the 18 inch dolls, too. I also really like the water canteen and map.

12. Daisy Princess Costume for Dolls - $24

Such a fancy princess dress! This outfit was practically made for Ashlyn- it fits her personality so well. I love all the pink. (Of course! Pink is my favorite color.)

13. Showtime Ballet Outfit for Dolls - $24

Emerson looks so perfect in the Ballet Outfit! I really like this costume too. The headband reminds of the one from Grace's Opening Night Outfit... except this one is purple. ;)

14. Enchanted Garden PJs for Dolls - $20

Willa looks so cute in this! I love how these pajamas can be for any WW doll, and the price is great.

15. Flutter Wings Doll Carrier - $28

I wonder how well the doll stays in this carrier... I've tried a few different doll carriers over the years, and some work nicely while others don't. The pattern is cute though, and I like the butterfly wings on the back pack.

16. Charm Bracelet ($10) and Charms ($5) for Girls

This is very unique item. I'm guessing that more charms will be sold sometime later or in another release.

17. Wellies ($26) and Socks ($20) for Girls

Alright, how awesome is this? I absolutely love, love, love the Wellies and Sock set! Someone at American Girl had a great idea when deigning the individual socks. I think it's great that girls can just get the socks and a pair of boots instead of having to buy different ones that match the character's Wellies. I would totally buy this, but I doubt that they have my size. :(

Now, onto the newest Truly Me items. :)

18. Trundle Bed and Bedding Set - $100

I really don't care for how AG re-uses old items and gives them a "new" look. This is the same exact piece of furniture as the retired Dreamy Daybed, only with new covers and a star icon on the wood instead of a flower. I wish the bedding was sold separate so those who already have the older daybed could buy new covers and pillows.

19. Pop-Up Camper - $185

I really like this camper! I've never seen one that could pop up. The new color scheme is nice, and to me it has that "Fall camping" feeling. :) All of the little accessories are so cute! I would love to get this, but it's so expensive. :(

20. Adventure Tent - $70

This tent is a better price than the camper, but it's still expensive. I really do like it though. My family spends a lot of time in the woods or staying at a cabin, so my dolls would enjoy having somewhere to sleep if I bought this. :)

21. Adventure Campfire Set - $42

Mmmm... looking at this set makes me hungry. ;) This is cute, and I like the s'mores.

22. Adventure Sleeping Bag for Dolls - $28

The pink and orange leaf print is a cool feature on this sleeping bag. It matches well with the other camping items.

23. Butterfly and Gem Bracelet Set - $8

While this is a pretty jewelry set, it looks cheap. I don't care for it.

24. Ombre Ballet Outfit - $34

I don't have much to say about this either. It looks like Mia's retired performance outfit, and at first I thought it was for Bitty Baby.

25. Pretty Plaid Shirt - $12

DollBaker24 and I both hope to buy this. We used to have a shirt just like this with a tie on the front! :D The turquoise blue makes it really stand out. I think this will be really popular, and I've already seen many posts on Instagram and other blogs saying how cute it is. :)

26. Side-Cinch Tank - $10

This is one of DollBaker24's favorite pieces from the mix and match collection. I'm sure she'll end up buying this sometime soon. ;)

27. Kitten Sweater -$12

The Kitten Sweater is my favorite item of all of the mix and match things! Oh, it's just so adorable, and I love the coral! I am so totally buying this... but, I need more money. Thankfully, my siblings and I are painting our whole garage tomorrow, so maybe some cash will turn up after the job. :P

28. Silver-Print Cat Tee - $10

All of us thought the cats were leopard spots when we looked at this on However, after taking a closer look, I noticed it was tiny cats! This is not something I really like, but it's kinda cute.

29. Indigo Bubble Dress - $14

Millie would look stylish in this. Of course, Isabelle would probably steal it the day after. :P This dress reminds me of a back-to-school outfit of some sort.

30. Hooded Denim Jacket - $14

Um... I don't know what to think about this. It's cute, but I really don't what else to say.

31. Coral Skinny Pants - $12

Who can ever go wrong with a good pair of coral pants? :) These are so stylish, and they could go with many different outfits.

32. Indigo and Dot Leggings - $12

Every doll needs cute leggings, and I love how there's 2 included in this set! I like the polka dot one best.

33. Purple Play Shorts - $10

These are great for summer days. The purple is cool, and the coral embroidery makes this another awesome mix and match item.

34. Star Quilt Skirt - $10

I don't think this would go with many things besides the silver cat shirt and jacket. The purple bow adds a nice touch, but otherwise, I don't care for it.

Phew! This was a pretty huge release, but I'm glad. The bigger the better when it comes to something like this! ;) Overall, I think this was one of the best releases American Girl has had. Oh, and did you notice that there's a new shopping section on their website? That's right, the AG Logo Shop! It has some of the exclusive items you might find at a store.

Which was your favorite item? Share your thoughts in the comments! :D

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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