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American Girl Lea Clark Birthday Party

For DollPandaLover's birthday back in May, we celebrated by throwing a Lea Clark birthday party! DollPandaLover invited some of her friends over, and everyone had a great time. My sisters wanted me to share it with you, so today I am doing just that. ;)

While planning this party, my youngest sister made it clear that she did not want it to have any Hawaiian decorations. Lea traveled to Brazil, and this party needed to have a tropical Brazilian theme without the flamingos and hula dancers. Her request was a tough one, but we were determined to find things that looked Lea-ish. After a few days of searching, we found the cutest tropical/rainforest decorations at The Dollar Tree! (I totally reccomend shopping there- everything is at a great price, and you'll find lots of cute party supplies.) After about an hour of putting each decoration in it's place and wrapping a few gifts, we were ready to roll!

The birthday party was held in our kitchen. There's quite a few windows by the table, so the room was very bright and the colors really "popped".

We used a rainforest tablecloth with pink parrots on the sides. My Mom and I found plates and napkins to match, along with some banana yellow silverware. Oh, and of course Bahia Berry had to be included somehow! Lea and Lea Rey offered to pose for the pictures... though I'm pretty sure they just wanted the food. ;)

Aren't these palm tree cups the cutest? Each guest got to drink out of her own one at the party.

Usually we play game or do something special whenever it's one of my siblings birthday, but this year, DollPandaLover decided to do a craft. You would get to paint your own picture frame, and then add little square tiles and a wooden turtle after the paint dried.

This is the gift table which held DollPandaLover's presents and cake.

The cupcake cake was inspired by Lea's pet sea turtle. :)

Around 12:00 that day, the guests arrived and the birthday began!

I snapped this picture at a random moment when my silly little sister made a funny face. :P LOL!

After everyone had ate, DollPandaLover passed out the frames and paint for her craft.

As we waited for the picture frames to dry, my Mom lit the candles and we all sang Happy Birthday.

"Hmm... Which cupcake, which cupcake..."

All of us enjoyed a cupcake or two. They were very good, so good that I ate 4! XD Oops... Next, it was time for the birthday girl to open up her gifts.

Wait, is that an American Girl box I see? I wonder what's inside.

A Z.Crew t-shirt for girls! As many of you know, DollPandaLover is a HUGE Z.Crew fan, so she was super excited to have received this.

DollPandaLover had a blast at her party with her friends, and she is very thankful for all of the presents she got. When we traveled to our grandparents lake house a few days after her birthday, there was another Lea cake made by our grandma and one of our cousins!

My sisters and I were all surprised- it looked just like a few of Lea's items! :)

You may think that the Lea fun ends here, but you're wrong. There's actually one more big surprise I have for ya'll, and I just can't wait to show it to you! Stay tuned. :)

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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