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Happy 4th Of July!

Hi there! I'm Sierra, and I hope you're all having a fabulous 4th of July! This is the day that our Nation was founded, and I'm so grateful to live in such an awesome country. Many people celebrate by having a cookout, enjoying yummy food, or watching fireworks with their friends and family. But today, I'm going to show you how to do all of that... the Sierra way! Here are some tips to make your day extra special.

1 - Dress Up in Patriotic Outfits

While I am not a total fashionista like Isabelle, I do like wearing festive clothes and accessories for a Holiday or event. Mix and match red, white, and blue items from your wardrobe to show off your USA pride, and add a little sparkle with some jewelry or glittery shoes. Be creative! You'll never know you might find. ;)

2 - Don't Forget the Pets (They love to Celebrate, too!)

Your dog, cat, or whatever kind of animal you have will want to be included on the party, too! Dress them up for the special day so they won't feel left out. Just be sure that your pet is ok with fireworks before the show starts. Scared animal + booming fireworks = disaster.

3 - Set Up the Celebration!

Lots of people have a cookouts on the 4th, so Mom suggested that I do that. Spread out your picnic blanket, fire up the grill, and you've got a pretty good party! Then all you need is food, which brings me to tip #4...

4 - Food, lots of Food

What's an Independence Day without hotdogs and hamburgers? :P I enjoy chowing down wih my friends and family and talking about the cool things that happened that day. Hey, what's your favorite 4th of July food? While french fries and chicken wings are all good, I like grilled corn the best.... Mmmmm.

5 - Fireworks!!!

I love fireworks, don't you? They're so sparkly and bright, and they come in so many different colors. As you can see, I'm playing with a sparkler my Mom gave me in the photo above. Be safe and cautious when using explosives though. They are highly dangerous if you get too close!

And last but not least...

Enjoy the day and have fun! Cupcake and I wish you all a Happy 4th of July!

Here are some bonus photos that I thought you would like to see. :)

Have a great day, and God Bless the USA!


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