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Real Life Bahia Berry - Inspired by American Girl's Lea Clark

A few days ago in a previous post, I mentioned that I had big a surprise for you. I'm not going to lie; this is a big surprise, really big actually. :) But I think you'll like it.

I had the idea to make this for DollPandaLover's birthday, and it took my Mom and I about a week to craft it because of other events and things my family had to do. DollBaker24 also offered to help with some things too like spray painting and giving advice here and there. ;) We all stayed up late almost every night finishing the last little details, and I think our hard work payed off. Anyway, enough talking- are you ready to see what the surprise is? :)

I proudly present to you ....

Our Homemade Real life Girl-sized Bahia Berry!

Well, this is it! What do you think? Our Fruit Stand is inspired by American Girl's one for dolls, only this one is made for real girls. ;)

Allow me to give you all a little tour of the place.

"Olá e bem-vindo!" (Hello and welcome!) Oh, DollBaker24 will be helping with the tour, too. Today, she is running Bahia Berry.

First, this is the front side of our Fruit Stand. It's spray painted blue and yellow, with windows that actually open and close! However, since they are a thick cardboard material, we have to use clips to keep them open while playing.

The awning is burlap, just like the one for dolls. I painted the letters and design using acrylic paint.

Sparkly butterflies can be found all over Bahia Berry! :)

The back of the windows have tropical stickers on them that DollPandaLover chose.

Here is the side table where the customers enjoy their delicious, plastic food! XD The "tile" is scrapbook paper from Michael's craft store.

My sisters added the food from their toy kitchen.

*sigh* You probably can't notice it, but I glued the signs to the wrong sides. This one was supposed to be on the right window, and the one on the right was supposed to be here. :( Oh well. The menus were also painted by me, and I had to start over a few times because of some mistakes.

This is the menu you can hold and look at. It even has items you can order listed on the inside! :)

My Mom made the fruit basket using foam, since we ran out of foam board. Surprisingly, it's quite sturdy.

How could we forget Ginger? She loves living by the fruit stand! I bought this pink turtle as a souvenir from a trip, and she's so perfect for Bahia Berry!

Next, it's time to go inside!

This countertop holds the cups and blender. Above in the baskets are fruit, tamales, plates, and silverware.

Here's a closer look at the tile. It looks very similar to real one.

DollBaker24 is preparing a smoothie! I wonder who ordered it...

The toppings are stored here in pink bowls on the cabinet.

And that completes the tour! I hope you enjoyed. Although this project took a while, I had fun making it and the results are pretty good. While working on this, I thought of American Girl Ideas. They are so super crafty and I always love the awesome things they make for their dolls! #JustCraftIt :)

I have a few extra photos, would you like to see them?

Goodbye, and thank you for visiting Bahia Berry!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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