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Happy 1st Birthday to Doll Days!

Today is a very special and exciting day- it's my blog's 1st birthday! 1 year ago today, I started Doll Days. Wow... I can't believe I've been blogging for that long. Even though I know many facts about American Girl and started collecting at an early age, I've learned more about AG and dolls this past year than I have ever in my whole life. :) I guess that's the power of a doll blog. :P

Doll Days would not be where it is today if it weren't for some very special people, so I would like to take a moment to thank them.

God - God is so awesome. If it wasn't for Him, nothing would exist, including American Girl Dolls! Can you imagine that? ;) He has given me all the ideas for my projects and blog, and I hope to glorify Him in everything I do.

My Mom and Dad - Thank you for supporting me and my blog no matter what. You two are always so caring and helpful in the worst situations, and I am grateful how ya'll offer to lend us a dollar or two when we're short on "doll-spending money". You mean the world to me, and I love ya'll!

DollBaker24 and DollPandaLover - I have no idea what my blog would be like without you girls! You both are so helpful and kind in so many ways- whether it be holding a reflector it the scorching heat or posing as a model for blog post, ya'll are the best. :) I love playing dolls with you, and I hope we can all be best friends forever. :)

AgMusician19 - You have been a faithful follower since the beginning! :) You're the first to comment on almost every post, and I appreciate it that you are so interested in my blog. Thanks for being a good friend!

American Girl Doll Artist - Your blog was one of the many others that made me want to start my own. :) Thank you for inspiring me to do my best, be creative, and challenge myself to work hard. I'm glad that I'm your friend. :)

Luv4Dolls - Thank you for all your sweet comments! Every time I read what you say, it brightens my day and puts a smile on my face. :)

Marla - Thank you for helping me set up my blog and learn new things about technology and computers. :) I really like my new blog deisgn.

And a special thank you goes to all of my followers and readers the take the time to comment. YOU guys are the best! :D

Here's a recap of Doll Day's first year as a blog.

July 2015 - I had been begging my Mom to let me start a doll blog, and after a month of drawing and writing doll stories, she finally agreed! I posted my first post on July 23rd, 2015. Soon after I posted a tour of my dollhouse, and my first photo story.

August 2015 - Everyone was very excited for Maryellen's debut, and I posted a little series I made up called "Maryellen Month". During that time, I posted the most amount of crafts I have ever done! :P DollBaker24 found leaked photos of Maryellen's whole collection on Instagram, and we enjoyed the other sneak peaks from American Girl. My Mom also surprised my sisters and I by ordering Maryellen.

September 2015 - Maryellen and arrived at the beginning of the month, and I was super happy and grateful. American Girl released their new Z.Crew Stop motion, and DollPandaLover immediately fell in love with her.

October 2015 - This was the month that I switched my blog from Blogger to Wix, and updated the theme. That was a very exciting day for me. My family also took a trip to the American Girl store for the first time in 2 years.

November 2015 - I held my first giveaway, and DollBaker24 introduced the newest addition to her doll family, Georgia. American Girl Doll Artist and I posted our Wishlists, and I also posted my Thanksgiving photo story, Give Thanks.

December 2015 - The 18 inch Lea Clark doll had been leaked, and I found Melody's first book at my local Books A Million. I did a lot of drawing this month, and released some of my first actual coloring pages.

January 2016 - Everyone was celebrating the release of Lea Clark, and DollBaker24 and I celebrated our birthdays early this month too. We introduced 3 new dolls to the blog; Lea, Lea Rey, and Z.

February 2016 - I officially opened my Etsy shop, Doll Days Doodles. CBS News shared photos of Melody Ellison's collection at the American Girl headquarters, and two of Melody's stock photos were leaked.

March 2016 - Sierra, the doll I won in American Girl's World By Girls contest, was welcomed to the blog. I very busy this month and spent most of my time drawing and editing coloring pages for my second Etsy release.

April 2016 - I saved up my money and bought my first ever sewing machine. After getting a little more familiar with how everything worked, I sewed my first dress using a pattern from Pixie Faire.

May 2016 - I didn't post very often in May because it was near the end of the school year. DollPandaLover and Lanie both celebrated their birthdays.

June 2016 - Lots of things were leaked like a possible new outfit for Josefina and the Pomeranian Pj's, and we discovered that Melody would be having a movie. I didn't post much this month either since I focused on improving and posting more on my Instagram account.

And that leads up to where we are now! Now that I stop and look back at everything, it was a pretty busy year. :) I'm so grateful to God to have this wonderful opportunity to share my love of dolls with all of you. To all of my followers, subscribers, fans, and people who take the time to comment, thank you so much for giving me the best 1st year a blogger could have! :)

Ahem, I almost forgot, I have one more special announcement...

We're having a giveaway!

Yes, you read that right! :) In honor of my blog's birthday, I have selected a special prize for a giveaway that will be held soon. Check back later this afternoon for more details!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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