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The Dolympic Games - Part 1

I would like to announce my newest story series, The Dolympic Games! :) I started writing this a while back in honor of the real Olympics, and I'm very excited to share it with all of you. Let the Dolympics begin!

Sweat trickled down my forehead as I practiced my beam routine for the 12th time that day. Even though my legs ached and my arms felt like noodles, I was determined to keep going. You see, this wasn’t any ordinary performance I was working on. No…

I was practicing for the 2016 Dolympic Games.

Earlier this year in the spring, I found out that I had made the United States Gymnastics Team and was on my way to the Dolympics, which is basically a big sports competition for athletes all over the world. This was a big achievement for me- I’ve always dreamed of competing one day ever since I was little, and now it all finally seemed to be happening.

I forced my tired arms in front of me and pointed my toes, preparing for the last part of my routine. Suddenly, I sprung into the air. Twisting backwards, I twirled and flipped twice landing on the mat below perfectly.

“Yes!”, I whispered loudly, satisfied with myself. Everything echoed inside the empty gym; Coach Cathy had given me permission to use the building anytime I needed to practice, and I planned to do just that.

“That was great, McKenna!”

“Yeah, you rocked.”

Familiar voices praised from the shadows.

Startled, I whirled around to see two of my sisters, Sierra and Millie, smiling brightly back at me. “Oh, hi girls. Thanks... I’ve been practicing this for awhile now.” I breathed a sigh of relief. They must have liked my routine!

“Is that what you’ll be performing for the Dolympics?”, Sierra asked thoughtfully, her head cocked to the side.

“Yep.” I answered as I walked over to where my gym bag was slumped on the floor. Reaching in, I pulled out my water bottle and took a long, refreshing gulp.

Swallowing, I turned again to my sisters. "Did you guys come to watch me practice?” I took another sip.

Millie and Sierra glanced at each other awkwardly before looking at me. “Uh, well actually”, Millie began. “We came to see if you were ok. Grace said that you promised to be home for dinner by 6:15”.

Sierra quickly checked her watch.

“It’s 7:00 now.”

I almost choked. How could I have forgotten that tonight Grace was making her famous lasagna, my favorite? “I’m really sorry... I guess I was so focused on practicing that I lost track of the time.”, I apologized.

“It’s alright.” Sierra said with a wink as we started to walk towards the door. “Grace saved you a plate. She knew you would have hated to miss out.”

Phew! After hearing what Sierra had just said, I began to walk faster. A plate of delicious warm lasagna was waiting for me!

“But McKenna, wait.”

My sister’s playful tone suddenly changed to serious, and she put her hand on my shoulder. “Don’t work yourself too hard. I’m worried about you.” Stopping in my tracks, I looked at Sierra reassuringly. “You don’t have to worry. I won’t overwork myself, I promise.” I said, squeezing her hand.

Sierra smiled as we both walked out the door together.


“Mmmm….”. I mumbled, scooping the last bit of lasagna onto my fork. “I can’t get over how delicious this is Grace!”.

Grace grinned proudly. “Well, lasagna is your favorite!”. She said, wiping off the kitchen counter from the meal earlier. “How did your practice go today?”

“Good.” I answered. “I have to pick up my new leotard tomorrow, so I’m pretty excited about that.”

“I still can’t believe you’ll be leaving for the Dolympics in just a few days.” Lea said quietly, flipping through the pages of her National Geographic book from the other kitchen chair.

I set my fork on the once-full plate and sighed contentedly. “I won’t be gone that long, and besides. All of you will get to see me while I’m there.”

“How?” Grace and Lea both stared at me, obviously confused.

“I’m going to be on TV. They’re filming it live this year, remember?"

“Really?” squealed Lea. “You’re going to be on live TV?” Her eyes lit up like firecrackers.

“Um, yes?” I said, not knowing what to expect next.

“You never told us that!” Grace and Lea both scolded playfully.

I smiled. “Yep, you’ll get to see me and the whole team.”

“Wow…” Lea gasped, setting down her book. “I can’t believe it. My sister is going to be on TV and the whole world will see her! You’ll be famous, McKenna!”

“I don’t know about that, Lea.” I said with a laugh as I set my empty plate in the sink. “But one thing that I do know is that I’m worn out. I think I’ll head to bed early tonight if that’s ok.”

“Go right ahead. I’ll tell the others upstairs to be a little quieter so you can sleep.” Grace motioned up to the ceiling where the noise of giggles and laughter was coming from.

“Thanks. Goodnight, girls!” Then I slowly climbed the stairs to bed.

Be on the lookout for Part 2 coming soon!

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