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Review: Summer Hoodie Set

Hey, everyone! It's Lea. Today, I get to review a new item for you all by myself. So... let's go!

I will be reviewing the Summer Hoodie Set from American Girl. This outfit used to be a PWP, (a purchase with a purchase) but currently you can buy it separately for $24. This set includes a hoodie (obviously), a green skirt, and one beaded bracelet. Oh and by the way, my shoes did not come with this- Mom paired them with the outfit since it did not come with shoes.

First off, we have the hoodie. It's white with a colorful flower graphic. The flower is one of my favorite details! :) It's so bright and pretty.

The neckline is shaped like a v, which is nice and different from most doll shirts.

There is velcro in the back.

Surprisingly, the inside of the hood is green! The same fabric as the skirt is also use here.

Sadly, Mom had a some trouble pulling the hood on my head. It doesn't seem to fit well on dolls with thick hair like me. :( I'm sure it's not like the for all dolls though.

A slit in the back of the hood makes it easier to put the shirt on your doll.

The skirt is a light green with small polka dots. It comes just a bit higher over my knee, and is very short. I wish it could be a little longer, but that's alright.

Ahh, the bracelet! :D I'm not one for big and sparkly jewelry, so I like the simplicity of this. The beads are different colors- pink, blue, and green.

Overall, I rate this set 4 out of 5 stars because of the difficulty of putting on the hood, and that there are not any shoes included. Otherwise, this is a great set, and even though school may be starting soon, your doll will always feel like it's summer in this outfit!

Here's 2 extra photos. :)

Such a beautiful sunset... :) These photos were taken on an old dock in the evening. It was so cool!

What do you like about the Summer Hoodie Set?


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