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American Girl Fall Release 2016 Sneak Peek On Pinterest

American Girl has posted sneak peeks of their Fall release on Pinterest! All of the items will be available on August 25th, the day which Melody will make her debut.

This looks like a cupcake set from American Girl and William Sonoma's baking line for girls.

Truly Me will be getting lots of new items, and when I say a lot, I mean it. :P There are so many cute things that I only chose a few to share with you, but AG's Pinterest has the rest if you want to check it out.

The glorious Truly Me Kitchen! Everyone on Instagram has been talking about this, and I'm sure it's going to be a big hit. American Girl hasn't made a kitchen in a long time.

Look at the rolling pin and dough! Everything is so real. Of course, DollBaker24 is in love with this and she says she might buy it sometime. ;)

A new table and chairs set will replacing the old one that was retired a while back. I love the cushions and plates.

Two Truly Me dolls will also be added to the line as well! The doll in the picture above is modeling the 2016 holiday dress.

This doll is wearing what looks like a remake of the Wintery White outfit. Her beautiful blue eyes really stand out.

When I first saw this, I was reminded of my doll version of "Twas the Night Before Christmas"! Those cookies look delicious, and the book is very detailed.

To me, this seems like a more casual holiday outfit. It's still stylish and bling-y, but it's not too fancy either. I like it. :)

Awww, a polar bear suit! This is adorable. While it's not a panda, DollPandaLover thought this was cute and might get it for her Bitty Baby, Rosie. (Who is actually wearing the suit in this photo)

I like how the Bitty Baby holiday pajamas theme coordinate with the 18 inch ones. This year's inspiration is penguins, so your doll could wear these pj's in the Winter too!

A few of the Beforever dolls will be having some of their own holiday things this year.

Julie has a groovy new outfit! I'm not sure what to think of it yet.

I'm guessing that this will belong to Julie too.

Besides Melody, I'm the most excited about Maryellen's new releases. Maryellen seems to have the most items and outfits out of all the Beforever dolls, so she must be selling well.

Isn't this so cute and classy? :) You can never go wrong with a red polka dot dress for Christmas.

Adorable! American Girl did such a good job designing this festive cookie set.

Ok, how awesome is this? A retro fridge! I have been waiting for Maryellen to get one of these in her collection, and now it's finally here.

Alright, guys. I saved the best for last. Are you ready?

The most cutest and amazing frozen TV dinner set! EEEEK! I went crazy when I saw this. It's just so cute! I really hope to buy this one day. I wonder how much it costs though...

To view ALL of the sneak peeks, click HERE.

I am very happy with this Fall release. The Christmas items are so festive, and I can't wait to see everything in more detail. Did you see anything that caught your eye? Share you favorite item in the comments! :)

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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