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My Thoughts - American Girl Melody Ellison and Her Collection

American Girl sure did prepare a big release for us girls this year! New things for Beforever, Truly Me, and even Bitty Baby were released on the 25th. It was so fun to look at everything in more detail, but I'm afraid my American Girl Wishlist has grown quite a bit! :P While I enjoyed seeing all of the other items, I was especially excited for Melody. :) So, today I will be sharing my thoughts on Melody Ellison and her collection with all of you!

1. Melody Doll and Accessories - $139

I wasn't planning on buying more dolls this year since I had already received Lea and Sierra, but when Melody came along, I immediately fell in love with her. Just look at how cute and stylish she is rocking those sunglasses! One thing that I really think is neat is her hair. I love how 60's it is! And her accessories are just too cute for words. The doll matches the illustration perfectly!

2. Mini Melody - $24.99

Mini Melody is adorable! I don't really collect mini dolls, but she caught my eye when I first saw her. I hope to buy her one day.

3. Melody's Dog, Bo - $22

At first glance, Bojangles didn't seem cute to me at all. But now I regret thinking that- he's so adorable! His collar can fold out to a leash just like Bonbon's. Bo looks very soft and cuddly, and he'd make a great pet for any doll.

4. Melody's Play Outfit - $28

I wish I had a "play outfit" like this. :) The colors go together nicely, and the zig-zag hem with tassels is so different. It really stands out. I'm not sure about the shoes, but I still like the total outfit with or without.

5. Melody's Pajamas - $24

Now these are just CUTE! The star pattern gives it a dreamy and relaxed feel, and who wouldn't want a pair of Tinkerbell slippers? ;) These are my favorite Beforever pajamas. I like the rich, royal blue and the soft pink.

6. Melody's Fancy Floral Dress - $34

In her books, Melody's older sister gives her this dress, and I think she looks very beautiful and grown-up when she wears it. The shoes are my most favorite part of the outfit; they give it the perfect touch!

7. Melody's Hairstyling Set - $22

So far, I think this is one of the best hairstyling sets American Girl has made. The the texture is the same as Melody's real hair. I've seen some other hair pieces that don't exactly match up with the dolls real hair texture and color, so this is nice. I love the headband can add some extra "poof" to her hair!

8. Melody's Christmas Dress - $34

This is so fancy and festive for the holidays. Melody seems to have lots of bows sprinkled here and there throughout her collection, but I think they're nice with the lace on this outfit. And besides, these bows are gold. ;)

9. Melody's Fancy Coat - $34

American Girl did a fantastic job designing this. The coat is so elegant and classy that even modern dolls could wear it. It's very stylish, and I absolutely love everything about it. Even though I don't live in a very cold place during the winter, my dolls could use a fashionable coat for those windy days. ;)

10. Melody's Bed and Bedding - $95

I don't really know what to say about Melody's bed... I expected it to be a little more colorful, but it's not that bad. I don't think I would buy this.

11. Melody's Bedroom Accessories - $45

This radio can actually tune into real stations! I thought that was pretty cool. :D The stuffed animal elephant is just adorable. However, for such a high price, most of the items included are paper and could be damaged easily.

12. Melody's Travel Essentials - $48

I actually think this is a really nice set. It's very vintage- perfect for Melody's time period. I'm also excited to see a toothbrush! American Girl hasn't made a lot of doll toothbrushes in their history of products, so now your doll won't have bad breath. XD There's much potential for this traveling set, and I hope to add it to my collection one day.

13. Melody's Table and Chairs - $85

I'm enjoying the bright, fresh, and springy feel of these chairs. I think everything is made of metal... I'm not sure. But it's great for doll lemonade stands, garage sales, or in Melody's case, a block party! The table reminded me of Molly's red retro table; they look pretty similar.

14. Melody's Block Party Set - $68

What a fun set! It would be really fun to play doll Bingo. The ginger ale float is cool. I've never seen something like that for dolls before. In my opinion, this is a little on the expensive side, but being American Girl I'm sure it's great quality.

15. Recording Studio - $250

I would play with this for hours. :D Just look at all you can do! Girls can record their voice to different songs, play music on the reels, "call" friends on the phone, and so much more! It looks like a real recording studio that Melody might have sang in. Ahh, I just adore this. :) DollBaker24 and I are considering sharing this as a gift since our birthdays are only 2 days apart. ;)

16. Melody's Electric Piano - $48

Let me go on and tell you right now, this is well worth the money! If you follow my Instagram account, you already know that I bought this when we visited the American Girl Store. ;) My sisters and I have been playing with it for days! The keys actually work, and by pressing the buttons you can change the sound and adjust the volume. I'm sure that this will become a popular item quickly.

17. Melody's Microphone Set - $38

I think this is at a reasonable price. The microphone is metal, and it also works like a real one would! There's also the coolest little sound effects and a tambourine. It's a tie for my favorite between this and Melody's piano. They're both so awesome!

18. Starry Pajamas for Girls - $42

I don't know how comfortable these would be. We've had a bad history with most of our American Girl pajamas for girls being scratchy or not fitting well, but these might be better.

19. Blue Bow Top ($32) and Pleated Plaid Skort ($42) for Girls

This is how I felt on the morning of Melody's debut! XD I love how the outfit for girls is similar to the doll's dress. It's a modern twist on old-fashion look. And there's even shorts underneath the skirt! Awesome, right? ;) My Mom usually wouldn't let my sisters or I wear something that short, but the shorts underneath add a bit of modesty to it.

And that concludes my thoughts on Melody Ellison and her collection! I enjoyed sharing this post with ya'll, so now it's your turn! Tell me what you think about Melody by leaving a comment below. ;)

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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