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Lea Clark Inspired Wardrobe For Girls

Take a look in your closet. Do you see anything that looks like something an American Girl character might wear? A tropical t-shirt? A beaded bracelet? My sisters and I recently re-organized our closet, and we were surprised at what we found. A few of our things looked like something Lea Clark might wear! :D By mix and matching, we could create multiple Lea-inspired outfits with just a few items.

Today, I will be sharing with you our "Lea Clark Inspired Wardrobe For Girls", and my sisters, DollBaker24 and DollPandaLover are going to be the models. ;)

First, we have the "Parrot Play Outfit". It consists of 1 buttercream yellow shirt with two sequin parrots on the front, a pair of blue denim shorts, and to finish it off, and parrot bracelet with brightly colored beads. This outfit is perfect for a day full of play!

My Mom bought the bracelet on sale at a great price as party favors for DollPandaLover's Birthday Party. The parrot charm is either made of metal or glass... I can't really tell.

Moving on, we have the "Butterfly Explorer" outfit. DollBaker24 says it reminds her of Lea's hiking outfit, and I have to agree! :) The butterfly graphic is embellished with jewels, and it looks like a watercolor painting.​

The "Tropical Party Outfit" is my favorite. I just love the fun flower print and all the neon colors! The skirt is not heavy at all, so you don't have to worry about getting hot while you celebrate. ;) My Mom found another bracelet similar to the parrot one, but it has a shell charm instead.

A closer look at the print.

And finally, we have...

The "Pineapple Punch Outfit"! It's comfy, casual, and stylish too. A glittery pineapple adds glam to the front of the orange striped shirt. This a great outfit for an weekend full of fun!

And that completes our Lea Clark Inspired Wardrobe! What was your favorite outfit?

Today I'm going to challenge you- look in your closet. You never know what you might find. ;)

-American Girl Doll Crafter

P.S. I'm very sorry for my absence and lack of posts. The hurricane knocked out all of our power for a few days, and we've been trying to clean up our yard and get everything back to normal this week. Thankfully, everyone is safe and sound. :)

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