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Introducing The Deedle Dee's - The Next Doll Days Stars

3 new girls have made their way into our doll family- And they've already become a hit! With their silky voices, snazzy tunes, and signature vintage style, these girls are making it big. Who are they, you ask? Please welcome the one... and only...

Deedle Dee's!

Yes, it's true! Not one, not two, but three Melody Ellison dolls came home with us from the American Girl Doll Store.

I, American Girl Doll Crafter, hadn't any plans to buy another doll this year. I already had Lea and Sierra, so I told myself not get more. Things were going good, but then Melody came along... I just loved her! Her stories were so sweet, and by the end of her first book, I had made up my mind to buy her. XD And I have to say, I'm glad I did. Melody is gorgeous, her hair is incredibly cute and soft, and oh, the list goes on and on! :)

Soon after DollBaker24 read Melody's first book, she wanted her too. Then of course DollPandaLover followed. So we all saved up our money and did odd jobs around the house until we finally had enough. But then a new question arose- How were we going to buy her? My sisters and I wanted to pick out our own special dolls in person (which only meant one thing), so we asked our Mom if we could go to the American Girl Store. She said if things worked out, we'd go. And they did! Boy, were we excited! :) On the way home from my Mom's birthday vacation in Tennessee, we stopped by American Girl Atlanta and bought Melody along with a few other little surprises. ;) (A Haul post is coming soon!)

You're probably asking, what does Deedle Dee's mean? Well, if our Melody dolls all loved to sing, they needed a way to express their creative talent. So they started a band! I thought of the name from Melody's nickname, Dee Dee, and by putting our heads together, my sisters and I even made up a theme song for the band! You'll be hearing lots more from the Deedle Dee's in the future. ;) They seem to already be a big hit around the doll town!

Now that you know a little bit about the story of the Melodys' arrival, allow me to introduce each doll.

Meet Melody Eleanor Ellison! She's DollBaker24's doll. Her hair is the curliest and has the most flip out of all the others. DollBaker24's Melody loves to sing and is very talented. She's never afraid to jump in the spotlight and shine! Besides being in the band with her friends, Melody likes to garden.

Next is DollPandaLover's doll, Melody Elizabeth Ellison. She also sings in the band. She loves to play outside, but hasn't really figured out her personality yet. It changes frequently... :P Surprisingly, her hair is straight, but that only makes her more unique and special!

And last is my doll, Melody Joy Ellison. Melody is very shy around people, but never when it comes to singing. It's almost like another language to her! She's one of the younger dolls in the family, and loves to garden. Lanie says she excited to finally have a sister that shares in her interest of plants and flowers. If you noticed, I like to push my Melody's bangs just the teeniest bit to the side. That's how I tell her apart from my sisters' dolls. ;)

And those are the newest members of the Doll Days family! What do you think? Are you surprised? :) You'll be seeing a lot more of the girls around here, and they can't wait to get to know you all more.

Welcome to our family, Melody Ellison!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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