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American Girl Store Trip 2016 - Atlanta

Hi everyone! Last month we went to the American Girl Store in Atlanta for Melody's debut. It was very exciting seeing all the new items in person for the first time and admiring the new collections. Of course, I brought my camera along, so get ready, because I've got a bunch of photos for ya'll! Let's begin.

I brought Lanie, DollBaker24 brought Georgia, and DollPandaLover took Z.

We entered the store and who was there to greet us but the Wellie Wishers themselves! :) This is my absolute favorite WW display; all the girls look so cheerful and happy.

The Wellie Wisher house was set up twice in their section.

Look at Ashlyn with the clown nose! :P She might be teaming up with Emerson for a show.

It seems like a hurricane hit the Wellie Wisher tea party... XD I felt so sorry for Camille and Ashlyn! I'm assuming that a little girl came and played with them, but after all, that's what dolls are for, right? ;)

The new outfits! Ashlyn looks amazing in the holiday dress. It reminds me of Elsa's dress from Frozen, so I'm sure many girls will buy this. I'm not so sure about the backdrop scene though- It doesn't look very sturdy and the props are cardboard.

In a big glass case were all 5 Wellie Wisher dolls standing on tree stumps. I thought this was very unique and different from most doll displays.

If I could, I would have totally bought an outfit! Sadly, nothing comes in my size, but the clothing is super cute for younger girls.

One thing that I was disappointed by was how the book section was removed. I was told by an AG employee that they had to make room for the WW, so the books are scattered throughout the store. :(

This is the photo prop of the Wellie Wisher playhouse! It's a very cute place to get your picture taken.

Next, are the Bitty Babies.

At first I didn't notice, but as I study this picture I can see alot of red in this year's holiday collection for the Bitties!

Awww, now this is just cute! I love the polar bear suit. DollPandaLover says she wants it for her Baby doll, even though it's not a panda. ;)

I like how the BB holiday pajamas coordinate with the Truly Me ones, yet they're both a little bit different. This year's theme is penguins. :)

A new green and blue sleeper has been added to the line for those that want to have boy baby dolls.

Moving on, we have Beforever. I did not take photos of all the items and each collection, but everything was still available to buy.

Kit's bedroom items. Do you notice anything out of sorts about this photo?

Grace has embroidered eyes! I guess AG is try to switch from bead eyes to embroidered. I don't really care for the new ones. To me, bead eyes are better quality, but Grace is still a cute puppy.

Ah, Maryellen! She's one of my favorite Beforever dolls. I love the brightness of her collection! Maryellen's holiday dress has been added to her collection display, and it looks amazing on her.

A closer look at the Holiday dress. Maryellen's punch set is also being displayed here.

Okay, guys, I was squealing over this! Maryellen's fridge is by far one of the best things American Girl has ever made. And just look at how adorable she is in the Strawberry dress! Oh, everything is too cute! I was kinda upset that this was in a glass case though. It seems like almost everything is in a glass case at American Girl Atlanta. :( However, I can understand that they might have fear of these items being lost or stolen.

And here is Melody! Isn't she cute? Surprisingly, her holiday coat and travel accessories were not in her collection case.

It was fun to see all of the little pieces in the block party set. :) Everything is so realistic!

Melody, her accessories, and Bo.

This was the only display with Melody's travel case and Holiday coat. It was a little odd, but look at how gorgeous the coat is! :D

During the time that we visited the store, American Girl was having bundle sales on Melody. You could also purchase these bundles online.

A drawing for a Melody doll and book was being held.

It looks like we have a photo bomber... :P This was my best picture of the recording studio, but the AG Mangager walked by and smiled as I took it. Ha ha! :D

Lanie decided to take a peep inside the recording studio.

"Hmm... A recording session must be going on! Ooh!"

🎶 "Lift every voice and sing, 'till earth and heaven ring, ring with the harmonies of liberty!" 🎶

"Wow, that was great! You know, I'm actually a professional singer myself... Laaa!"

Oh, Lanie. ;)

Brick is printed on the back of the recording studio.

Melody's block party craft table was already set up, but it was not supposed to be used until the day after her debut. However a very sweet AG employee gave us the craft to take home (since we live so far away) and let me take some photos.

It's almost exactly like the block party for dolls! There was crafts, music, and even a special Melody t shirt for dolls.

You could color pennants, and on the back were facts from the 60's.

Even a real Motown record was there!

Melody's outfit for girls is really cute! The skirt is a skort, meaning it has shorts underneath.

There was nothing new for Kaya, but I enjoyed seeing her colorful outfits.

Josefina is very pretty in her new dress! It was temporarily out of stock, so I'm guessing it's selling well.

Josefina's shirt for girls.

The mini doll rack was stocked full.

For some reason, I only took one photo of Lea. Her Celebration Dress was out of stock in store, but everything else was available.

The new AG Williams-Sonoma Pancake kit was out for display, along with the other WS items.

DollBaker24 found the new cookbook! She received the baking book last Christmas and hopes to buy this one so she can cook actual meals.

Finally, we have Truly Me!

This is the camping gear section. If your doll loves to go on a outdoor adventures, this is the place for her!

Z was excited to meet her cousin.

"Hey there, cuz! It's me, Z!"

The Doll Sports craft book.

The PWP (Purchase with a Purchase) was the Warm Winter Outfit.

Pets! I searched around this whole display, but I could not find Coconut. She's been retired! :(

Truly Me #66 looks stunning in the new skating outfit! She was modeling many of the new clothes throughout the store.

The carriage is huge! I never knew it was that big.

Truly Me #27 and #65 are so beautiful in these outfits.

The pajama section. American Girl has started to add dolls without hair to their displays. I think that's nice. :)

When I saw the Christmas Eve set, I immediately thought of my Night Before Christmas Story! :)

The Truly Me kitchen! DollBaker24 is going crazy over this. :P Sadly, it was behind a glass case so my sisters and I could not play with it either. But wow, look at all the things it comes with!

Mmm... Brownies! I'm getting hungry now... :)

This Melody doll looked out of place in the Truly Me section, but you have to see this...

She has her nails painted! :D This was the one thing I forgot to buy at the store, and I'm so mad at myself for not remembering. I mean, who doesn't love doll nail polish? ;)

Lastly, we have a picture of Truly Me #65. She's exactly like Sierra, but with red hair. :)

And that concludes our trip! I hope ya'll enjoyed. If you are curious what we bought, be on the lookout for a haul post is coming soon! :)

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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