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Leaked! - New Beforever Mysteries and Wellie Wishers Book Covers

The front covers of five new American Girl books have leaked! In 2017, three mysteries featuring Maryellen, Julie, and Melody will be released along with two Wellie Wisher Books. The mysteries also appear to have a new format; the Beforever logo has been removed from across the top, and the doll's name is highlighted instead with her time period on the bottom.

(I just adore this cover. 😍 Maryellen looks like a true detective. 😜 )

The Runaway: A Maryellen Mystery - $9.99

Scooter, Maryellen's pudgy pet dachshund, may be lazy, but he's one of the family, and Maryellen loves him dearly. And he never misses a meal! So when Scooter doesn't show up at dinnertime, she's worried. Maryellen launches a search—and discovers some strange goings-on in her neighborhood. With the help of her friends and family, the search for Scooter takes Maryellen from the streets of Daytona Beach to the rocket launchpad at Cape Canaveral

Message In A Bottle: A Julie Mystery - $9.99

When Julie visits Gold Moon Ranch, a farming commune in California's gold rush country, the back-to-the-land lifestyle seems idyllic at first. But peculiar problems keep cropping up—almost as if someone was trying to shut down the commune! Then, on a secret trip to an abandoned gold mine, Julie stumbles on a mysterious message that hints at long-lost treasure. Julie is desperate to find it—before danger closes in on Gold Moon Ranch.

(This took my breath away when I first saw it. 😱 Oh, it's just beautiful! I was happy that Melody looks the same here as on her other book covers. Some dolls differ in appearance from book to book.😉 )

The Lady's Slipper: A Melody Mystery - $9.99

Melody is impressed by her sophisticated new friend, Leah Roth, but she wishes her cousin Val would stop being so standoffish to Leah! Melody meets Leah's grandfather, Dr. Roth, a botanist who escaped the Nazis and brought a rare and valuable Lady's Slipper orchid with him to America. When Melody's own grandfather becomes a suspect in a burglary, Melody turns to Val and Leah for help. Yet Leah seems to be hiding something—something to do with her grandfather—that could hurt all of them. Can Melody catch the orchid thief before it's too late?

Camille's Mermaid Tale - $5.99

Camille loves the ocean—the warm sand, the pretty shells, and the sparkling waves that tickle her toes. Sometimes she even imagines that she's a mermaid with whales and dolphins for friends! When the other Wellie Wishers see how much Camille misses her summers by the sea, they want to help -- but how can four girls turn a garden into an ocean?

The Rainstorm Brainstorm - $5.99

It's Aunt Miranda's birthday! The Wellie Wishers want to give her something special, but they can't agree on what it should be. Then Kendall discovers the Tomorrow Pile. What looks like a bunch of old, dirty, broken things to the other girls looks like cool fun stuff with lots of potential to Kendall! Can the girls work together to create something wonderful for Aunt Miranda?

These books will be available in 2017. The Beforever Mysteries will be released on February 16, and the Wellie Wishers will be sold later in the year on the 1st of May.

All the illustrations are so gorgeous! Which is your favorite? 😉

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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