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American Girl Doll Haul - October 2016

It's time for that post that I promised you- the American Girl Doll Haul, ya'll! 😀 Today, I will be sharing with everyone the items that I purchased at the American Girl Store back in August.

DollBaker24 and DollPandaLover had saved their money for our trip also, and we all bought many of the same items. However, we picked out a few different things here and there, so I'll clarify that throughout the post. 😉

First, we have Sierra in the Holiday Penguin Pajamas. Doesn't the blue really make her eyes pop? 😉 One thing that I just love about these pj's is how your doll can wear them after the holidays, too. The colors don't scream Christmas as much as the previous year's pajama set, yet they're still wintery and fun.

Here is Lea, modeling this year's holiday dress! The magenta looks nice on her, but this dress would be stunning on any doll. 😀

Next we have Golden Sparkle Outfit, owned by DollBaker24. It's her favorite out of the 2 Holiday ensembles this year. We're debating whether the sparkly top is a long shirt or a dress- what do you think? 😉

Millie offered to model the kitten sweater right away! She loves it because it reminds her of Cupcake, her sweet (and mischevious!) kitten. 😻 The pants and shoes were not included- they were pieces I already had on hand.

The Butterfly and Gem Bracelet set is actually owned by me and DollBaker24. I liked the butterfly bracelet but didn't care for the gem one enough to buy the whole set. My sister felt the same, except the other way around, so she came up with this brilliant plan- we split the cost, pay $4 each, and get the bracelet we wanted! 😂

This the the Hot Lunch Set, owned by DollBaker24. She had wanted this for a while now, and finally had the chance to pick it up.

DollPandaLover decided to buy the new lasagna set for her dolls. It's almost exactly the same as the other lasagna set from 2011, but with a few modifications. 😀

Lastly from the Truly Me items is DollBaker24's smoothie set! She absolutely loves this, and I have to say it's pretty cute. 😋

Next is Melody Ellison!

The main reason my sisters and I wanted to visit the American Girl Store was Melody, so of course she came home with us! 😜 My sisters worked hard over the summer for the money to buy our own Melody dolls, and we love them very much. 😘 We also purchased her accessories.

Here we have Melody in her Fancy Floral dress with her Hairstyle accessories! The headband is a really fun peice. Just put it on and POOF! (No, really! Look at that poof!) Your doll will instantly have big hair from the 60's. 😛

Annie is modeling Melody's Play Outfit! This belongs to DollPandaLover.

This is Melody in her pajamas! The star pattern is perfect for bedtime, and I like the Tinker Bell slippers. 🌟

American Girl did a great job designing the microphone set. There's super cool sound affects, and The Deedle Dee's love it!

I also bought Melody's piano, and let me go on and tell you- it is well worth the money! The keys actually work, you can adjust the volume, and even change the way it sounds! I often end up playing with this more by myself than I do with the doll... Oops. 😝 It's just so much fun!

Every doll needs a faithful pup to accompany her on her adventures, and Bo is the perfect match for Melody! He was just too cute to pass up. 😉

Since we were there the day of her debut, American Girl was handing out these little gifts in honor of Melody! A doll t-shirt, 3 pennants, and stickers were included. As you can see, I've already used a few of the stickers.

And those are all the items we purchased at the American Girl Store! My sisters and I are very grateful to have gone, and we can't wait to visit again!

Oh Hey! We want to know- which item would you like to see reviewed first? Tell us in the comments!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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