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NEWS! - More Z.Crew Trademarks - Is A Z Doll in the Making?

Before I begin, I want to say that I'm finally back! Thank you all SO much for the sweet, supportive comments and kind prayers. I appreciated reading each one, and it touched my heart seeing how many of you cared about me. 😘 I didn't plan being gone for this long, but our internet wasn't on for until a few days after we returned, and the day it did start working again, DollPandaLover and I got sick from rotten pickles that a restaurant hadn't thrown out from the storm. Yuck! 😖 But that's what happened. However, there was something good I got out of all that time- I've planned out everything for the upcoming 2 months! So be on the lookout for some fun surprises and special posts. 😉

Now, onto the actual content of this post- some exciting news! 😄

Just recently, American Girl has trademarked several different logos and names for Z, a doll that stars in one of their stop motion series on Youtube. Z has become very popular among fans that enjoy filmmaking, and a few Z.Crew products are already available to buy. A while back, rumors popped up saying that an actual limited edition Z doll was going to be released next year, and now that these new trademarks have appeared, could it be true?

It looks like Z's last name will be Yang. Notice that under the trademarks, it says "dolls, doll clothing and doll accessories".

DollPandaLover is very excited. She says she would probably buy the new Z doll, but keep only the outfit and sell the doll on eBay. Yes, she just wants the outfit. 😛

Is Z possibly the new contemporary character? Or is part of a whole new line from American Girl? Share YOUR thoughts in the comments!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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