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The Birthday and The Braces

"Georgia, we’re here!” Sierra shouted from the kitchen. “Ready to go?”

Upstairs, Georgia was pacing back and forth frantically in her room. “Yes, just a minute!” she called back. “Ohhh….” Georgia moaned. She plopped back onto her bed hopelessly. “What am I going to do? Why did today have to be the day?”

Georgia felt worried and her stomach began to hurt. Today, she was finally getting her braces. Georgia dreaded having to get them and made up as many excuses possible not to go, but as the missed appointments piled up, her mom drew the line and declared that no matter what she was going this time. Unfortunately for Georgia, today’s appointment happened to be on her birthday, the very last day she would have wanted something as miserable as this to be on.

Suddenly, she sat up straight. “Hey, I could pretend I’m sick!” Then she frowned and remembered. “No, I did that last time. And the time before that. I’ve got to find something so nobody will see my braces!”

Georgia glanced around the room. An bright coral scarf caught her eye. “That’s perfect!” She grabbed the scarf, wrapped it tightly around her face, and dashed downstairs to meet her friends.

“I’m here!” Georgia said, her voice muffled by the scarf. Z turned around. “Great! Let’s- AHHHH!” Z shrieked in alarm. She jumped behind Sierra and pointed. “G-Georgia? Is that you under there?”

Hey, there Georgia! Your scarf, it’s uh…” Sierra stopped and studied her friend. She was too sweet to say what she thought, so Georgia sighed and finished for her.

“Ridiculous. I know…” She slowly pulled the scarf down from her nose. “I just don’t want anyone to see me once I get my braces.” Georgia said, her face filled with fear. “What if they hurt, or… or I look horrible and everyone calls me a nerd, or- “

“Georgia, calm down.” Z said gently, putting her hand on Georgia’s shoulder. “You’ll look great, and they can’t be that bad.”

Georgia took a deep breath and tried to smile. “You’re right. They can’t be too bad. Let’s go.” Pushing all her worries about braces from her mind, Georgia linked arms with her best friends and walked out the door.


“Georgia?” A woman called from the entrance of the waiting room.

Georgia sunk back in her chair. I don’t think I can do this… Maybe if I just slide down deep in my chair, the lady won’t see me and…

“Um, Georgia?” Sierra giggled as she waved her hand in front of her friend’s blank face. “They lady just called you. It’s your turn.” Georgia’s mind raced, trying to think of a plan. “Uh, I think you heard wrong. She said Jeana, not me.”

Sierra blushed. “Oh, sorry. Maybe I didn’t hear correctly.”

“Georgia?” The woman called again, only louder this time as her eyes searched the room

“That was definitely Georgia.” Z said.

“Ugh…” Georgia grumbled. Her plan almost succeeded! She reluctantly rose to her feet and began to walk, but all of a sudden, she froze! Georgia didn’t want to take another step. She wanted to run straight out the door, but Sierra and Z were already by her side.

“Is everything okay Georgia?” Sierra asked sweetly.

“I changed my mind. Braces sound scary again. I don’t think I really need them anymore.”

“Just think how pretty your teeth will be once you’re done wearing them! You’ll look like a movie star.” said Z, fluttering her eyes and smiling playfully.

“No, I really can’t do this.”

Z and Sierra looked at each other and shrugged. Georgia wasn’t going to move, but she had to have braces, like it or not! There was only one thing left to do.

“C’mon Z. Help me get her get her in there.”

Grunting and pushing with all their might, the two girls finally managed to push Georgia to the huge dentist chair.

“Phew!” Z exclaimed as they walked back out to the waiting room. “Do you think she’ll be ok?”

Sierra laughed. “She’ll live. Georgia may not like them for a while, but I actually think that she will end up loving her new smile. She’s going to look so cute in braces.”

“I wish Georgia felt the same.” Z stretched out onto her chair and relaxed. “All we can do now is wait and hope for the best!”

And wait is what they did. Seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned into hours. The girls sat there for what felt like an eternity! Finally, Z couldn’t stand it any longer. She drifted off to sleep, and Sierra grabbed a book from stack of magazines on the table beside her. She began to read, but her eyes kept wandering off the page. It was no use. Sierra was to worried about Georgia to focus. “I hope Georgia’s alright. She has been in there for a while now…” Sierra whispered to herself.

Meanwhile, the Orthodontist was putting touches on Georgia's new braces.

“And… there! You’re done young lady!” She said, sitting back in pride of her work.

“May I go look at them?” Georgia asked anxiously.

“Of course. Have nice day!” The Orthodontist called as Georgia ran off.

Georgia slowed to a halt when she reached the brushing station with huge mirrors. Closing her eyes, she braced herself for the “horrifying” sight she was about to see. Then, smiling just the teeniest bit, she saw her braces. She smiled a little wider… and wider… until her whole face lit up. The girl staring back at her didn’t look crazy or weird at all. The girl in the mirror looked happy and cute, even a little stylish, too.

“I… like them.” Georgia whispered, astonished to her reaction of what she thought would be the most terrible and tragic thing of her life.

But then a nervous thought popped in her mind. What if Z and Sierra didn’t like them? What if they though she looked weird? She couldn’t show them her braces, at least not right now. She wasn’t ready.

Georgia smiled one last time before pulling the scarf over her face. Then she left and walked towards the waiting room.

“No, that’s not her.” Sierra said quietly as she watched another patient exit the hall. She had her eyes glued to the entrance of the hallway, watching every single person that came out. Not one of them had been Georgia yet.

Sierra was just about to give up when she heard footsteps slowly making their way to the waiting room. She saw a flash of a bouncy brown curl. Could it be?

“Georgia!” Sierra exclaimed. She nudged Z, who was snoring loudly. “Wake up! Georgia’s here!”

Z tossed and turned. “Huh… Hi Z.Crew. No… Popcorn’s not here… snooooore….”

Sierra laughed. “Wake up, Z!” She said louder.

Z awoke and jumped in her seat. “Huh? What did I miss?”

“Georgia’s coming!”

The two friends stood up and straightened their hair and clothes. Then, Georgia appeared from the hallway.

“Georgia!” They both shouted, giving her a big hug. “You did it! Take off your scarf and smile for us. We want to see your braces.”

Georgia hesitated. What will they say? She thought. She had to tell them something.

“Uh, well, my moth sorta hurts.” She mumbled uncertainly.

“Oh, um… yeah. Sorry!” Z said sheepishly, her face turning bright red in embarrassment. “Sierra and I can wait, can’t we Sierra?”

“Uh, yes! Of course! Absolutely, we can wait.” Sierra stammered in agreement.

There was an awkward silence until Sierra put her arm around Georgia and said, “Z and I have a surprise.” She smiled mysteriously.

Z also put her arm around Georgia and grinned. “Yes, we do!”

“Since it is your birthday…” Sierra began.

“And you do have braces…” Z joined in.

“We’re going to treat you to a smoothie at the new smoothie shop that just opened downtown!”

Georgia squealed happily. “Oh, thank you! You guys are the best!”

The little bell above the door jingled merrily as the 3 girls stepped into the smoothie shop.

Z ran her hand along one of the smooth banana yellow tables tables. “Wow, just look at this place! It’s amazing!”

Georgia nodded as she and Sierra walked around, marveling at the tropical decor and fun details sprinkled here and there throughout the shop.

A girl with long caramel curls and soft tan skin suddenly appeared from behind the counter and waved. “Hello, and welcome to Bahia Berry! What would you like to order today?”

Georgia, Sierra, and Z rushed over to look at the menu.

“Ooh, there are so many choices!” Sierra exclaimed. “What are you going to get, Georgia?”

Georgia shrugged. She couldn’t decide!

Z already knew what she wanted. “I’ll take one Acai smoothie bowl, please.”

“Hmm…” Sierra thought over her choice carefully. “I think I’ll try your Coconut float.”

“One Coconut float.” The girl behind the counter repeated.

Z turned to Georgia. “What would you like?”

All eyes were on Georgia as she began to order. “I’ll have… one Choca Make.” She said quietly, being careful not to show her braces through the scarf.

“Huh?” Z looked puzzled. “You want a Cherry shake? I didn’t think you liked cherry, but okay.”

Georgia waved her arms wildly. “No, no!” She shouted. Z had misunderstood what Georgia wanted since her voice was muffled by the scarf. “Co-coa Mo-cha.” She repeated slowly.

Z chuckled at her mistake. “Ohhhh, a Cocoa Mocha! Sorry, I couldn’t hear what you said. Make that 2 Cocoa Mocha Shakes, please.”

“Alrighty. That’ll be $9.58. You can wait by the pick up table for your order, and then find a seat and enjoy!” The girl explained.

Georgia, Z, and Sierra dashed over to the pick up table where they waited only for a few minutes. Their order was ready in a jiffy!

“Wow, that was fast! They have great service here.” Sierra noted aloud as she reached for her shake. Z and Georgia did the same, and then followed Sierra to one of the yellow tables.

As she started after her friends, Georgia felt her scarf tug tightly around her face- it was caught! “C’mon…” she grunted, pulling at the scarf and trying to balance her milkshake in the other hand. She pulled and pulled, but it wouldn’t budge. Maybe if I loosen the scarf, it will come undone from the hook it’s caught on. Georgia thought. Very carefully, Georgia unraveled the scarf, but still made sure it concealed her braces. Then, giving it a mighty yank, the scarf broke free! But suddenly and swiftly, it flew from Georgia’s face and right onto Sierra’s head.

“Oh no!” Georgia gasped. Sierra wiggled around in her seat, trying to get the scarf from her head. ‘Hey, who turned out the lights?”

Georgia ran to help her, but she tripped and fell, spilling her shake all over the floor. “Whoa!” She shrieked, as she crashed to the ground.

Z managed to remove scarf that blinded Sierra. Then they both rushed over to Georgia and helped her up. “Is everything alright? How did you fall?” They asked, their faces full with concern.

“Well, I… I was coming with you guys, but then my scarf got caught and- and then it landed on you, Sierra, and I tried to come and help but I fell…” Georgia’s words came out in a rush.

There was no use in trying to hide her braces now. She felt defeated and humiliated. A tear slipped down Georgia’s cheek as she turned away and whispered, “Go ahead, laugh at me and my braces… I know I look silly.”

“Oh, Georgia. What ever made you think that we thought you looked silly?” Z said softly.

“I- I don’t know… I wasn’t sure you and Z would like them.”

“Georgia, we love your braces. And most of all, we love you. You’re our best friend, and braces or not, we’ll always be there for you.” Sierra smiled.

Georgia glanced up quickly. “So, you do like them?”

Z and Sierra giggled happily. “Of course we do!”

They pulled Georgia into a group hug, and it came to her that she had nothing to worry about. Now she knew her friends would support her no matter what, and she felt great.

Georgia dried her eyes and sat down with her friends. Z ordered another Cocoa Mocha shake for Georgia and set it down brightly on the table.

“Here you go, Birthday girl!”

Sierra grinned and added, “Enjoy!”

“Thank you, Z and Sierra. You two are the best friends anyone could ever have!” Georgia exclaimed, smiling confidently. While her birthday was far different from anything she had imagined it like, she wouldn’t trade any of it (not even her braces!) for the world.


Georgia's birthday was actually October 30th, but we were super busy so I didn't have time to post. 😉 This story was inspired by a real event- I recently got braces, too! Of course, since Georgia is a Truly Me doll, I thought it would be fun for her to match me. 😊 Some very kind friends of ours surprised me with the American Girl braces set, and since then, Georgia and I have been braces buddies! 😄

Happy Birthday Georgia!!! 🎉 🎂


P.S. Did you notice the doll necklace Z was wearing? My sister, American Girl Doll Crafter, made it! She wanted to give you a little sneak peek of the new items that are coming to our Etsy shop this November. ;)

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