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Doll Days Etsy Mini Christmas Release 2016

I am finally releasing most of my coloring pages! Woo Hoo!! 🎉 There has definitely been a few setbacks and it has taken a lot of hard work, but in the end, I think seeing the final products of this release was worth it. ☺️ I am so excited to share them with ya'll!

Today, I have prepared for you an assortment of new coloring pages that make a fun activity on Christmas Eve and the perfect stocking stuffers. 🎄 But there is another surprise I have been working on lately, and I am ready to reveal it to you!

Gold Christmas Tree Necklace - $5.00

Doll Necklaces!! 💖

I'm one of those girls that loves bling and glam, so I thought, "Dolls deserve some kind of sparkly accessory too...". That's when I decided to start making jewelry for dolls! Now your doll can walk out in style with a gorgeous new necklace!

Lea is modeling one of my favorite necklaces. 😄

Gold Snowflake Necklace - $5.00

Just so you know, the necklaces aren't real gold. 😉✨

Silver Eiffel Tower Necklace - $5.00

Silver Music Note Necklace - $5.00

Vintage Bunny Necklace - $5.00

Silver Heart Paw Print Necklace - $5.00

I loved this one so much that I had a hard time deciding whether to sell it or not. 😍😂

Next, we have coloring pages!

Exclusive Christmas Coloring Page Pack - $2.00

Star Skater Coloring Page - $1.00

Melody Ellison Winter Shopping Coloring Page - $1.00

Adventure Camper Coloring Page - $1.00

Maryellen Larkin Retro Fridge Coloring Page - $1.00

Wellie Wisher Tea Party - $1.00

Kit On Her Scooter - $1.00

And that completes the mini Christmas Release! I have a few more coloring pages and necklaces that I will be adding to the shop as I finish them, so be on the lookout for those! 😉

Visit my shop HERE.

Thanks for looking! What is your favorite item?

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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