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NEWS! - Leaked Swimsuit for Maryellen

This just in- a cute and tropical swimsuit has been leaked! With flamingo print and 50's fashion, this swimsuit could only be for one doll- Maryellen! Yes, that right, Maryellen is finally getting a swimsuit! It's just the thing her collection is missing, and by taking a look at the style, it's safe to say that this will belong to her.

Isn't this adorable? I think I have a soft spot for 50's fashion... 😳 The hair bow, the flamingo purse, the whole outfit... I'm just loving all of it! 😍

The swimsuit is a turquoise blue with a hot pink flamingo print.

This looks more like a beach bucket or pail to me than a purse. It's really cute though, and it does right along with Maryellen's theme.

I found this picture of a 1950's flamingo purse on the internet. It's very similar to the one shown above, so it might be another reason that this will belong to Maryellen.

Also, take a look at these retro swimsuits from the 1950's. They're exactly like the leaked one!

I absolutely love the leaked swimsuit! Maryellen or not, it's adorable and so cute. Hopefully we'll see it in stores by the beginning of next year or early spring 2017! 😊

Who do you think this new swimsuit belongs to, and will you be adding it to your collection?

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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