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NEWS! - Girl of The Year 2017 Silhouette and Possible Meet Outfit Leaked!

During the final days of December, American Girl always releases a silhouette, or "shadow" of the new Girl Of The Year. However this year, the silhouette for GOTY 2017 (Gabriela McBride) has leaked early! A picture was found at an American Girl Store.

Photo credit to @americangirlcupcake13

Rumors have it that Gabriela McBride is the name of the new Girl of The Year, and she will be the first actual African American GOTY. American Girl stated a few months back that Truly Me #46 will be retired and remodeled for a new doll next year; is this her? Notice the ponytail. The curls are just like #46's.

A possible meet outfit for Gabriela has also been leaked. The doll modeling it seems to be #46, most likely not the new GOTY.

Photo credit to @agupdatenews

The shoes are not part of the outfit, but the blue shirt and leggings were leaked not too long ago. Another rumor is that Gabriela is a tap dancer, and to me, the layered shirt with the long sleeve crop top looks like something a dancer might wear. :)

The doll and her collection hasn't leaked yet, which is surprising. I think this will cause a downfall in Gabriela's sales- many of Tenney Grant's (American Girl's new "Modern Girl" debuting in 2017) items have already leaked, including an illustration of her. Although many people are very excited about Tenney, I haven't heard that much talk about Gabriela. I wish I could be excited, but it's hard not knowing as much about the new GOTY. Hopefully the doll will leak soon, sparking more interest in Gabriela. :)

So, what do YOU think? I love hearing what you guys have to say on things like this! ;)

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