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NEWS! - Possible 18 Inch Tenney Grant and Felicity Doll LEAKED!

Two dolls that could possibly be Tenney Grant, American Girl's new Modern Girl, and the remodeled Felicity have leaked!

Note: These may or may not be Tenney Grant and Felicity. It has not been confirmed by American Girl, nor denied, so please keep that in mind.

Here she is- the doll that may be Tenney Grant! She has long, blonde hair and brown eyes- just like the leaked description. I do not see her hands molded in a different position (A rumor said Tenney's hands would be modeling differently to hold her instruments), but perhaps they will be bendable? At first glance she may look like a custom American Girl doll, but before judging her looks, check out the picture below.

Notice the eyebrows- they are AG's signature feathery kind, except longer and a little different somehow. I thought they were fake and customized, but after a closer look, they are definitely American Girl ones. The lips do look more glossy and painted than the lips of current dolls, but the audience target for Tenney is 10-14; maybe American Girl is going for a light lipstick look appealing to older girls?

Here is a illustration of Tenney from her journal. Tenney looks almost exactly like the doll above, except for the freckles, which is just a minor difference and could change over time.

Tenney's hair is long, blonde, and wavy. Many people are upset that she is blonde, but personally, I don't mind. I think it's very pretty actually. :)

Another doll has been leaked, and she is supposedly Felicity. However I am not so sure.

My guess is that this is Truly Me #61, but her wig swapped for an older Felicity wig. The ends of the wig look a little frizzy, like it might have been played with before, but that's just me.

A closer look at "Felicity's" face.

Information from @agupdatenews on Instagram says that Tenney and Felicity's release date will be February 9th. Also, a boy doll named Logan Everett is in the making, and he will be Tenney's friend. Logan is rumored to have brown hair and brown eyes.

Tenney is really starting to grow on me. I didn't care for her at first, but the doll is pretty, and I love her wavy hair. :) "Felicity", on the other hand, is not a favorite. I'm rather disappointed, and my sisters hope that she isn't the real one. And a boy doll? :( That's very frustrating. The company is American Girl, not American Boy. While I'm excited to see American Girl grow and expand with their sales and ideas, I don't think a boy doll is necessarily the best way to help do it.

Let's hear what you guys have to say- share your thoughts, likes, and dislikes about these new possible characters in the comments! :)

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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