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Doll Days Replays: Maryellen's Pink Christmas

Hello, and Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! Today, I will introducing a new blog series I have been working on for a while now. It's finished just in time for the holidays, and I'm so excited to share it! ;) I proudly present to you...

Doll Days Replays!

In these series of posts, you'll find my re-creations of little snippets (or "replays") from your favorite American Girl movies and books! I've always loved how the American Girl stories seemed so real. Even though there aren't any pictures, I like to imagine the scene in my mind and pretend I'm actually there alongside the character. Then one day, I had an idea- why not create my own version of different scenes with the dolls? It seemed like a fun idea, so I set to work. It took me a little bit of time to get everything perfect and in the right place, but now that I have finished one of my first scenes, I am finally ready to share it with you! :)

Our first replay takes us back to December of 1954 in Florida. The days before Christmas are winding down, and Maryellen Larkin can hardly wait! While she will not be getting the white, snowy Christmas she always dreamed of, Maryellen has learned that Christmas is not just how things look, but love and sharing it with the ones you care about the most.

"Christmas Eve! Oh, I'm so excited. Even though I know it won't snow down here in Florida, I wouldn't trade our warm, tropical Christmases for the world! You see, last year I went to Grandmom and Grandpop's house in the mountains for the holidays, but for some reason, it just didn't feel the same as celebrating with my family. I learned a very important lesson that I'll never forget, and now I actually kinda like how we do Christmas where I live."

"Doesn't our house look so pretty? Scooter and I got to make some of the decorations ourselves."


"There aren't that many real Christmas trees in Florida, so we have a fake pink one. I love how shiny it's branches are."

"One of my most favorite things about Christmas is decorating the tree. The ornaments are so pretty as they glitter in the light, and there's already a few presents under our tree!"

"Scooter, where you trying to take a peek at the presents? You already know that we have to wait until Christmas morning!"


"Yes, waiting is rough and tough, but you can make it through just one more night."


"My family has a tradition of leaving home-baked Christmas cookies and cocoa for Santa by the tree. On Christmas morning, the cookies are always gone, which means he's stopped by our house!"

"And of course, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Rock 'N Roll Carols to dance to! What song should we chose, Scooter?"


"Blue Christmas it is, then!"

🎶 I'll have a blue Christmas without you! I'll be so blue thinking about you! 🎶


"Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a Blue Christmas- wait, no, that's not right... I hope you have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! Goodbye!"

Did you enjoy taking a step back in time to Maryellen's world? I hope so! ;)

After each replay, I will give a little explanation of the scene's setup and how I made some of the items.

Let's start with Maryellen's tree. It's pink, unlike most Christmas trees, but it plays a big role in Maryellen's books (the pink tree is also featured in her movie), and it is what inspired me to create this scene! I found the doll-sized tree at Hobby Lobby for around $8.00, along with a small garland and plastic snowflake ornaments.

The star was found at Hobby Lobby too, and I just had to snag it! It looks kinda 50's-ish to me in a way, and it's very sparkly.

The presents under Maryellen's tree were found in an 8 pack set for $1 at the new Dollar General that opened up in my area! I also added a few mini books and the Maryellen mini doll to add a little special touch. ;)

I made the small paper chains using tape and paper, of course! ;) I enjoyed crafting them.

While I do not own Maryellen's cookie set myself, I knew I wanted to create something like it. I made the cookies last year, the cocoa belongs to Our Generation s'mores set, and the table and chair are part of American Girl's retired Bistro Set from Grace's collection.

This scene would not be complete without one thing- a jukebox! :D This was a fun thing to craft. I searched for jukebox coloring pages online, resized the one that I chose, and colored it in. Then after covering a small cereal box with brown paper, I cut out the image and glued it onto the box, and voilĂ ! The jukebox was finished.

While Christmas in the 1950's is definitely different from how we celebrate it today, there is one thing about Christmas that will always be the same- Jesus. His birth is the reason why we have Christmas, so even though many exciting things will be happening soon, let us not forget the true meaning of the season this season. God sent his only son to earth to save us, born in a manger on Christmas night so many years ago. :)

Tell us- are YOU getting excited for tomorrow? I can't believe it's almost Christmas!! :D

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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