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Gabriela's First Book - Found at my Local Bookstore!

While doing some last minute shopping on Christmas Eve, my Mom dropped by our local Books A Million to pick up a gift. She was strolling by the American Girl isle, and guess what she just happened to see- Gabriela's first book! :) Of course, she scooped it up right away as it was the last one there. She almost saved it as a Christmas gift, but knowing how excited we would be, she then decided to call my sisters and I at home to tell us about her find. And yes, we were very excited! :)

Note: Even though I am disappointed with how Gabriela was practically "thrown together" and not planned very well, I am not going to share any spoilers about the book due to my deep amount of respect for American Girl. Besides, it will be more fun if it stays a surprise until the actual release. ;)

The front cover is a little scratched up and seems to constantly want to flop open, but I don't mind that much. It's definitely more decorative than the previous GOTY books, and I actually kinda like the change. :)

A closeup of Gabby. She has a cute face and expression! ;)

The back of the book is a deep purple color with small purple lines. This geometric line pattern is frequently used for American Girl sale advertisements, so it's rather disheartening that another thing is being re-used for Gabriela. :(

When you open the book, the first page has Gabriela's logo and the author's name underneath.

After the copyrights, you will find the contents. There are a total of 193 pages and 24 chapters in Gabriela's first book.

I was very curious to see what Gabriela's chapter openers would look like. :) The pages are pretty basic and simple; a painted heart that plays a big role in Gabby's story lies right above the title, and then the re-used pattern of lines is on the top of each page.

Overall, I am not that impressed with Gabriela's book. I found it very much less exciting than Lea and Grace's books, and it doesn't seem like there was much thought put into the plot and storyline. Hopefully the next one will be better. :)

Gabriela's release is almost 2 days away. Wow... that means 2016 is coming to an end! It's been an amazing and exciting year, and sadly, we will have to say goodbye to Lea. But I can't wait to see what American Girl has in store for us in 2017. :)

So, will YOU be getting up early on the 1st? I know that my sisters and I will! Besides Gabriela, there is going to be a release for Truly Me, and possibly Wellie Wishers! :)

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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