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The New Additions - Ella Paige, Lucia, and Danielle

Three new members have been welcomed into the Doll Days family over the holidays! 🎉 This Christmas, my sisters and I each received the American Girl Doll we were hoping for, and we are so blessed and thankful. ☺️ ❤️ I am very excited to share them with you guys, so today I will be introducing each doll and along with their different personalities!

Meet the newest additions- Danielle (Truly Me #66), Lucia (Truly Me #28), and Ella Paige (Truly Me #65)!

Let's start with Lucia. 😉

This is Lucia, DollPandaLover's new doll. My sister had been eyeing Lucia for a while in the American Girl catalogues, and after watching an American Girl stop motion movie on youtube with #28 as the star, DollPandaLover decided that absolutely loved her! 💖 She was delighted to find Lucia on Christmas morning, and they actually look somewhat alike each other. 😉

Lucia is a helpful worker, and can often be found serving up a delicious dish to one of her friends at the Retro Diner where she works. When she isn't busy with her job, Lucia loves to practice for her soccer team and take bike rides in the country.

Next is Ella Paige, DollBaker24's doll. When Truly Me #65 was released, it was love at first sight for DollBaker24! 😛 My sister planned to buy this new doll, so she began brainstorming for a cute name. Ella Paige was the final choice, and her name also led to an idea for her personality!

Ella Paige is a fairytale queen and loves to dress up as princesses! The story of Cinderella is her all-time favorite, hence the name "Ella". Butterflies are Ella Paige's favorite animal (or bug), and her favorite color is sky blue, just like Cinderella's dress.💙 Ella Paige's courageous and kind personality makes her a hard worker and a good friend. Besides being a princess, she can usually be found baking sweet treats for her family and friends in her very own kitchen. 🍰

And lastly, we have my doll, Danielle. I really loved Truly Me #66 when she debuted, but wasn't quite sure if she was the right doll for me. I couldn't figure out a good name or personality, so I kind of gave up on buying her. Still, she was so gorgeous and I couldn't help but think about her! 😍 Just as the days before Christmas started winding down, the perfect name and personality popped right into my head. Since it was so close to the holidays, I didn't expect to receive #66, but my Mom knew all along. 😉 She had already ordered the doll ahead of time, and you can imagine my surprise and shock to see Danielle in her box on Christmas day! 😱 😍 I am very grateful to have received my new doll, and I can't wait to see what adventures I'll have with her in 2017. Thank you, Mom and Dad! ❤️

Danielle is a passionate hip-hop dancer, and loves to express herself on the dance floor through her moves and funky taste in clothing. Danielle isn't shy at all, but doesn't talk as much as her other sisters. Instead, she prefers to speak through her movements by dancing along to the beat of any song she hears. On a regular afternoon, Danielle likes to spend her time choreographing a new dance or softly strumming the strings on her guitar, and special gift from her Abuelita back in New Mexico. 🎸

And that concludes this post! Were you surprised? 😉 Feel free to leave a little welcome message to the new dolls in the comments below. Lucia, Ella Paige and Danielle are so excited to meet everyone, and they hope to see you again on the blog soon!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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