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Snow Queen - A Photoshoot

January sure is a cold and chilly month! ❄️ Has it snowed were you live? At my house, the weather is way too warm. 😛 However, that doesn't stop Millie! Snow or not, she can always pretend that she's an ice queen like Elsa in her Little Gloriana Princess Dress! 💙

This was my first time making artificial snow in Photoshop. I was using a free snowflake overlay from online, but wasn't satisfied with the results. Then I gave Photoshop brushes a try, and it turned out so much better. 👍 😉

I was inspired by one of Elsa's signature poses when taking this. 💙 😉 I think it's my favorite out of the whole photoshoot.

Isn't this dress from Little Gloriana just the cutest? 😍 ❄️ I can't get enough of it! So perfect for twirling, too.

🎶 Let it go, let it go, Can't hold it back anymore! 🎶

The cold never bothered me anyway! 😉

Millie- uh, I mean Elsa, says thank you for viewing her royal photoshoot! 👑 She wants to know- which photo was YOUR favorite? Tell us in the comments below! ⛄️

And don't forget to drop by where you'll find Millie's dress and even more adorable outfits! 👍

-American Girl Doll Crafter and Elsa

P.S. I just wanted to say thank you all so much for the kind and thoughtful birthday messages! Each one was so sweet, and I loved reading them. ❤️ 😘

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