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NEWS! - 18 Inch Tenney Grant Doll in Box Leaked!

Breaking News!! Today, the 18 inch Tenney Grant doll has leaked!

Photo Credit: @agkameo on Instagram

It appears to be that American Girl has chosen to use the new type of boxes for Tenney Grant; the same one used for Gabriela McBride. Tenney's box is a blue/purple color with a small photo of her book. If you look closely, you can see the book behind the doll! Tenney herself will arrive wearing a peach colored shirt that ties in the front, a light denim vest, and a burgundy leather skirt with boots. I'm curious to see if she has a different face mold... her lips look very pink, and her nose just a bit longer than the classic mold, but we'll just have to wait and see! 😉 As for Tenney's arms, the rumor of her hands being molded differently was true. Her fingers and arms are more bent and curved so she can hold her instruments correctly.

There's another rumor going around saying Tenney's release date has been moved to February 16th instead of February 9th. It is still a Thursday, so that is most likely when she will debut.

I am very disappointed in this new character. Although I hate to say it, she looks a little cheap when considering the packaging and outfit. While I will not be buying Tenney, I really hope American Girl can somehow turn this around and make her more appealing. :) We'll all just have to wait and see as Tenney's story and collection unfolds! 😉

What are your thoughts on Tenney Grant and her box?

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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