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American Girl Tenney Grant/Beforever Spring Release Items Leaked!

This morning on Instagram, multiple accounts posted leaked images of Tenney Grant's collection along with Beforever items for American Girl's spring release! These photos give us a glimpse of what Tenney's world will be like; from her outfits to her accessories. But the leaks don't stop there! American Girl has stored up a few Beforever surprises for us this year, too!

The following photos are found courtesy of @deenaandbeena on Instagram. ☺️

She has finally been revealed at last! 😄 Tenney Grant!! Tenney has long, wavy blonde hair, light brown eyes and somewhat unique eyebrows, freckles, and hands that are molded to hold her instruments correctly. Her meet outfit consists of a peach colored shirt with a bird graphic that ties in the front, a light denim vest, one charm bracelet, and a burgundy leather skirt along with a pair of boots. Apparently, there has been a few modifications to the doll over the past weeks. By viewing the stock photo below (which leaked a few days ago), you can see that Tenney's face has definitely changed.

Photo Credit: AG Love on Facebook

There are different eyebrows shown on this doll, nor any freckles to be found. I think her lips look smaller and not as glossy as the "new" Tenney, but I may be wrong. 😉 However, it is puzzling to me why her facial features differ from the two dolls.

Moving on, we have Tenney's outfits and a few of her items!

Now this, I'm sure will be extremely popular! 😍 It's unlike any outfit American Girl has ever made before. The different pieces are rustic and country, but with a stylish feel to them! I am seriously going to consider buying this on her release. 😍

Of course, how could Tenney be a country star without a special guitar of her own? 😉 The detail on this item is incredible, but I am wondering what the price will be for just one instrument and book.

A while back, this dog leaked. After Gabriela's release, it was a mystery to who it would belong to, but now we know that this is Tenney's golden retriever, Waylon! He looks a little sad... Maybe he doesn't care for the fancy leash he's wearing. 😜

Finally, we have Beforever. 😊

This most likely the final Felicity doll. She also seemed to change a bit like Tenney did. Her eyes are a major difference! The low quality lighting in other leaked photos made them appear dark green, but now they are a light pear color, similar to the older Felicity doll.

The following photos are found courtesy of @agdollflorida on Instagram. ☺️

I think this is Felicity's nightgown or undergarment set? I'm not really sure... 😐

A carnival set for Rebecca! This set was inspired by Rebecca's books, and I'm excited to see if she will have a new outfit to go along with it. 😊

Julie seems to have the most items for the Spring release. A new basketball outfit was found not too long ago, so I'm sure it was made to coordinate with this. Her team logo is on the bottom part of the stand! How cute. 😊

I saved the best for last... 😏 😉

Julie's bathroom! How adorable is this?! It matches perfectly with her bed and vanity, so this is bound to be a big hit. It even folds up for storage! I love little details, and just look at all the cool features! A pink toilet and sink- WOW! 😍 Though I do not collect Julie myself, I may consider buying this. 😉

And that concludes the latest leaks! Were you surprised? I sure was! American Girl did have some surprises planned for us, and I can't wait to see what else they have in store. 😉 ❤️

What are your thoughts and opinions on Tenney Grant and the new Beforever items?

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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