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American Girl Wellie Wishers Inspired Birthday Party

3 weeks ago, my sister, DollBaker24, and I both celebrated our birthdays together. Being the American Girl fans that we are, we chose to decorate inspired by some of our favorite AG characters- the Wellie Wishers! 🌷 ☺️ Since our birthdays are in the cold month of January, I thought it would be fun to do something a little different this year and have a spring/summer theme. The Wellie Wishers are all about flowers, sunshine, and gardening, so they were perfect for our idea. 👍 My Mom then set out to find decorations that would fit the theme, and once we set everything up at home, we were ready to celebrate! 😊 🎂 🎉

Today, I am going to share with all of you some photos of the party. ☺️ ❤️

The birthday party was held in our kitchen. Everything is from Target except for the vases, flowers, and gardening tools.

The paper lanterns were so cool! We hung the on the chandelier above our table.

The pretty flowers are not real, but that means they will last longer! 😜 I'm hoping to make a craft of some sort with them now that the party is over, but I don't know exactly what to create... 🤔

The gloves, shovel, and flower seeds were found at the Dollar Tree.

The chevron plates were one of my favorite things. The different colors remind me of Camille and Emerson's outfits. 😉

DollBaker24 suggested that since this was a garden party, we should have garden food. So she and DollPandaLover made "Dirt Pudding"! 😝 No, it's not real dirt- just oreos and chocolate pudding with gummy worms on top. 😉 Surprisingly though, it was very good.

And finally, we have the birthday cake! 🎂 A local bakery made this for us, and they printed our favorite Wellie Wisher, Willa, on the cake. While it was very good, my sisters and I joked that we felt bad about eating it... Poor Willa. 😂

Before the party fun ends, there is one last thing I want to show you. 😉

Meet Beverly! She was a gift from my parents, and I am so thankful and happy to have her join my doll family. ❤️ DollBaker24 also received Willa, but I decide to rename my doll Beverly after Maryellen's little sister in the books and movies. When Willa was released, that was the first thought that came to my mind! 😉

Beverly considers herself ruler of the dollhouse, and prefers to go by her royal title, Queen Beverly. 👑 The older girls aren't quite sure what to think of her yet, but Maryellen knows her little sister perfectly well. 😉 Beverly has a princess personality, and loves to host garden tea parties. 💖 Besides serving tea and following Maryellen everywhere she goes, Beverly likes to show all that she learns in ballet class to her sisters. ✨

Thank you for reading! What did you think of the American Girl inspired party? Don't forget to check out DollPandaLover's Lea Clark Party from last year, too! 😊

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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