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American Girl Logan and Tenney Dolls Leaked! - Updates and Rumors

This afternoon American Girl's newest characters, Tenney, Logan and Felicity, were found at the Naval Exchange!

@theagboy on Instagram was able to purchase all three dolls, and has kindly allowed me to share pictures with all of you.

Here is Logan- American Girl's first boy doll! He has the Kaya face mold with a lighter skin tone, light brown hair, Marie Grace's blue eyes, and a new type of eyebrows.

@theagboy reported that the Logan doll does not have sewn on underwear, which is different from what the recent rumors had said. American Girl is supposedly going to make all future dolls with sewn on permanent underwear- including Truly Me and Beforever dolls. 😐

I am a bit puzzled by Logan's eye color. In the following photo on the back of the box, his eyes seem to be brown... 😳 Hmmm... I guess we'll just have to wait and see what is eye color really is when he's released! 😉

Here is a picture of Tenney and Logan side by side. There's another rumor going around that American Girl has started work on a Jaya doll, who is Tenney's best friend. I am curious to find out if this is true! 😊

Here are some other topics that have been getting attention lately:

1. Gabriela is going to have a "big item" release later this year with items including a loft bed, a chair and ottoman, a food set, and a new outfit.

2. Tenney Grant will be having a movie, and it is currently in the stage of production.

3. Felicity will not have a whole collection included with her release- only her accessories and an undergarment set.

4. A Z doll may be in the making. American Girl's CEO and president, Katy Dickson, recently staed in an interview that Z's real name is Suzie and she is Korean American.

And that concludes all the news for this post! So much has been going on in the doll world lately that I can't really take it all in at once! 😂 I am not a fan of the sewn on underwear, nor Logan, but I am excited to see a possible Jaya and Z doll! 😊

So, let's hear what YOU have to say! Share your thoughts and like/dislikes in the comments!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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