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American Girl's Surprise - 5 NEW Dolls Revealed! - Nanea, Logan, Tenney, Z, and Felicity

American Girl has definitely given us a BIG surprise this Valentine's Day; take a look at the five new characters that were revealed this morning! (Possibly debuting THIS Thursday!)

Staring from left to right, here are the dolls' names along with a short description.

  • Nanea Mitchell (1941) - She's a Hawaiian Girl that does her part to help and heal during wartime

  • Logan Everett (Modern Character) - Tenney's bandmate and American Girl's first-ever boy character

  • Tenney Grant (Modern Character) - She's a breakout songwriter finding the heart to be herself

  • Z Yang (2nd Line of Modern Characters) - She's an imaginative filmmaker who develops her own take on the world around her

  • Felicity Merriman (1774) - She will never give up on her friends, her freedom, or herself

Nanea seems to have a new face mold! This is very exciting- American Girl hasn't released a new mold since Marie Grace and Cecile in 2011! 😄 To me, it looks this mold has little slits by the eyes like Kanani's face mold, a new lip type somewhat similar to the Sonali mold, and a different nose. This will most likely be called the "Nanea Face Mold" since she is the first doll have it.

Watch the video on American Girl's website featuring the new dolls HERE.

Yesterday, American Girl made an announcement on their Facebook Page saying this:

Tomorrow, 2/14, we’re going #LIVE right here on Facebook! Tune in at 11:30 a.m. CST for news you’re sure to love.

I'm guessing that this will have something to do with all the dolls shown above, so be sure to tune in and find out! 😉 (For those that are unable to watch, check back here later! I will update this post with the video after the live stream ends.)

As most of you already know, American Girl has decided to permanently sewn on all future doll underwear. (Except for Tenney and Logan. AG confirmed that their underwear is removable.) This topic has received much attention and feedback lately due to a several photos that were posted on Instagram and Facebook. Here is a look at what the underwear will be like, how it looks under a swimsuit, and the differences between the old and new pairs.

First, on the left is the old classic AG underwear. In the middle and on the right is the new underwear and what it will appear as underneath a swim suit. It's clear to see that the new pair is thinner and obviously part of the doll's body, whereas the old pair is not attached and much thicker.

Tenney, Logan, and Felicity will all make their debut on the 16th, but at the time, I do not know about Z and Nanea's release along with them. My guess is that Nanea and Z will debut with just the doll and accessories, but nothing has been confirmed by American Girl... yet. 😉

I am definitely surprised by the reveal of five different new dolls! It's unlike anything American Girl has done before. (Well, except for the Wellie Wishers, but hey, they were all in the same line.) DollPandaLover hasn't told her opinion about the new Z doll, but I'm sure we'll find out soon. 😉 I think that Nanea is breathtakingly gorgeous, and her eye color is just sensational! Now I know what I'll be saving for this summer... 😍 I cannot wait for American Girl's next release on the 16th.

What about you? Share YOUR thoughts with us in the comments below!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

P.S. Julie will be having her own short film! 😉

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