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Grace's Valentine Treats - A Photostory

Bonjour, my friends!

Welcome to Paris! Bonbon and I are so happy you're here. Today we have woke up very early so I can start baking in Uncle Bernard's patisserie. In fact, we're on our way right now!

Since the patisserie isn't far from my Aunt and Uncle's house, I usually walk there with Bonbon. It's really good exercise, and I want to take in as much of Paris as I can since my vacation will be over soon! It's one of the most marvelous places I've ever been to before...


Oh yes, you're right, Bonbon. We really must get going. Off to the patisserie!

* * *

Phew, we finally made it! That walk definitely got me moving- traffic was crazy today! But now that we're here, it's time to start baking.

Listen, mon petit chienne (my little dog), be a good girl and don't try to get into any mischief while I'm at work. We can't have you making a mess in Uncle Bernard's tidy kitchen! Do you promise to be good?

Woof, woof!

Good girl! Take a seat over there, and let's get baking.

I'm going to swap out my béret for this apron. Rule of Baking #1: Never wear your best clothes when working in the kitchen. (I learned that by experience!) :P

Before we begin, I must gather the needed ingredients for today's special pastry- Strawberry Filled Heart Cookies!

There we go! Here is everything we need to make the cookie dough.

First, I will measure out my dry ingredients (Sugar, flour, etc.) Be sure to pay close attention to how much you put in, though! You don't want your cookies to turn too sweet or tasteless. ;)

After everything has been measured out, I'm going to add my wet ingredients such as milk and eggs to the batter.

Oh goodness, it seems that I've already made a mess! But that's nothing that can't be cleaned up. ;)

Next, it's time to mix things up! Uncle Bernard just has the most amazing mixer. It can whip things up in no time at all, and the orange color is so bright and cheerful!


The batter must chill for at least 2 hours, so I'll pop it into the refrigerator until then.

In the meantime, I guess I will set to work cleaning up this floury mess I created.

*mischevious look* Grr hrr hrr...

Bonbon, don't even think about it! This is not fluffy, white snow for you to play in. :P

There, that's much better! Now, I am going to go ahead and prepare my strawberry filling while the dough is in the fridge.

Using strawberries, sugar, and a few other items, I'm combining everything into a large pot that can be used on the stovetop.

When the filling begins to boil, I'll stir for about one minute. Mmm... It smells so yummy!

Once that is finished, it's time to swap out our filling for the cookie dough!

Rolling dough may look easy, but surprisingly, it's tough work! I must make sure the dough is as even as possible so all the cookies will be the same.

To give the treats a more festive look, I'm using a heart cookie cutter I found in the kitchen. It's very Valentines-y, Ne pensez-vous pas? (Don't you think?)

Mwa Ha Ha...

Oh, Bonbon! Silly pup, they're not ready to eat yet.

Into the oven they go! I preheated my oven to 375º, so it's ready for the cookies.

All we have to do now is wait for about 8-10 minutes, and soon we will have ourselves some scrumptious cookies! Mmmm, I can almost taste them now...

10 minutes later...


Finally! Our heart cookies are done baking!


Always have adult supervision and wear oven mitts when removing something hot from an oven. Safety first!

And here are the cookies! Oh, aren't they just lovely Bonbon?


They must cool for a few minutes, and then we'll move on to the last step.

The cookies have cooled, and it's time to decorate! Using my trusty piping bags, I'm going to fill the cookies with the strawberry jam we made earlier. If you want to go a step further , drizzle some extra white icing to finish it off, and voilà​!

You have completed the recipe for Grace's Strawberry Filled Heart Cookies! These make the perfect gift for friends, family, and maybe even a special someone... ;)

Wait a second! I've forgotten the most important thing of all- our "Special Someone"!!

Bonbon, quick! Go find you-know-who, and tell her to come in the kitchen right away!

Ruff, ruff!

Bonbon will be back any minute with our guest, so I'm going to hide in the pantry. She's going to be so surprised!

Woof, ruff ruff!

Grace? GRACE! Qu'est-ce qui ne va pas (What is wrong), Bonbon? Where is Grace? Is she alright?

I'm alright Sylvie, but sit in the kitchen chair and close your eyes! Bonbon and I have a surprise.

A surprise?

Yes, a surprise just for you!

Now, keep your eyes closed, and no peeking!

Alright, you can open them now!

*gasp* Oh, Grace! They're your Heart Strawberry Cookies!

Happy Valentine's Day, Sylvie! Seras-tu à moi? (Will you be mine?)

Oui, bien sûr! (Yes, of course!)

Mmmmm! These are magnifique, Grace. I can't believe you baked them yourself! Papa will be so proud.

Merci, Sylvie! I have learned so much from you and Uncle Bernard since I arrived in Paris, and wanted to say thank you. But I just can't bear to think about leaving you and all of France behind when I return home soon!

Ah, but Grace, you must not be sad about leaving us.


No. We will always be friends. Forever. If you love someone from your heart, they are never truly gone.

Thank you, Sylvie. Je t'aime. (I love you)

Je t'aime aussi, Grace! (I love you too)

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! We hope that your day is full of surprises, friendship, and most of all, spending time with the ones you love most.

Au Revoir!


P.S. DollBaker24 and I (American Girl Doll Crafter) have a VERY special surprise/announcement to make tomorrow! Stay tuned! ;)

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