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Ivy and Julie 1976: A Happy Balance - Movie Trailer

Remember back in Fall of last year when American Girl presented us with Melody and Maryellen's Mini Movies? Well, American Girl has teamed up with Amazon once again to surprise us with yet another AG Film- Julie and Ivy 1976: A Happy Balance! On March 24th, Julie and Ivy's exclusive movie will debut on Amazon. Like before, it will be free for Prime members.

Set in 1976 San Francisco, Ivy Ling second generation Chinese-American struggles to find balance between her two cultural identities. Though her parents value family and Chinese traditions, Ivy wishes to be like her all-American best friend, Julie Albright. When Ivy’s important gymnastics meet and her family’s Chinese New Year's dinner land on the same night, she has to decide between the two.

Starring: Nina Lu (Ivy Ling), Lance Lim (Andrew Ling, Ivy's Brother), Elizabeth Sung (Po Po), Rob Yang (Sam), Zane Smith (Cathy), Hannah Nordberg (Julie Albright), and Gwendoline Yeo (Mrs. Ling, Ivy's Mother)

I am really surprised by how the focus of the movie is mainly on Ivy... Could this mean that American Girl might be reintroducing her from the archives? 😳 That would definitely be exciting! 😊 I also love that Hannah Nordberg was cast as Julie. She plays one of my favorite characters from Dolly Parton's Coat Of Many Color Movies! ☺️

I'm very sorry for my absence on the blog lately; life has been busy. I am ready to get back to posting more often though! 👍

Do you think Julie and Ivy's movie will be groovy? 😜 And could Ivy possibly be making a return from the archives? Share YOUR thoughts in the comments below!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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