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Review: Melody's Fancy Floral Outfit and Hairstyle Set

Since Melody is a superstar singer and performer, she always has to look good while shining in the spotlight! One of her favorite go-to outfits is her Fancy Floral Dress from American Girl. It's so elegant and classy, and when paired with her Hairstyle Kit, she's ready to rock and roll. 🎶 ✨

Today, we're going to be taking a closer look at Melody's stylish new outfit in a review!

Melody's Fancy Floral Dress ($34) and Hairstyling Set ($22) are both lovely pieces that work very well together. The outfit includes one floral taffeta dress, pink patent Mary Janes, and a pair of white gloves. Her hairstyle kit one headband wig, along with a bow and flower clip that can either be worn on the headband or Melody's outfit.

Let's start with the dress! 😄

There have been many complaints about the fabric of this dress being similar to a tablecloth, but personally, I don't mind. I think it hold the shape of the dress better than normal fabric would, and another plus is that it can't get snagged by velcro. The floral pattern is pink, brown, and yellow. One thing that I found really surprising is that the pink is a lot more neon in person than in photos. It's still pretty though. 💖

A double bow is a nice little touch to this outfit. 😊

The pleats of this dress have held up wonderfully ever since the outfit was purchased. If the dress gets squished in storage, the pleats go right back into shape when put on the doll.

I love the high low hem on this dress! It's modern, yet true to her time. Beneath the high low skirt is another more fitted skirt.

The back of the dress is similar to the front, except there aren't as many pleats.

As usual, the dress closes with velcro. However my dress has a small defect; the velcro isn't fully attached at the top. It's not that bad, but I have to be extra careful when putting it on the doll.

A simple pair of white gloves accompanies the rest of the outfit. They remind me of Maryellen's gloves. 😉

The shoes are one of my favorite accessories! I love the unique color and cutout details at the toes.

Moving on, it's time to look at Melody's Hairstyle Set!

Out of her whole collection, I'd have to admit that Melody's headband "poof" is my favorite! 😜 It just makes her hair so much bigger with that 60's feel. As you can see in the following photos, the headband adds almost an extra inch to her hair!


After! 😉 The reason why the headband makes her hair higher is because there is a little cloth packet underneath. It lifts up the hair when put on Melody. My only complaint is that the hair on the headband is longer and curlier than the doll's actual hair, so it can look a bit weird at times. Otherwise, it's awesome!

The hairstyle set comes with two clips- a flower and bow.

The clips can be worn on the headband, or even as an accessory for Melody's outfit! I think this is a really unique and awesome feature.

The headband fits nicely on Melody's head, but sometimes there is a little gap if the headband isn't positioned correctly.

Overall, the Fancy Floral Dress and Hairstyle Set are both wonderful items, and a must-have for any Melody fan! 😉 The dress is perfect for special occasions, and the hairstyle set definitely finishes off the look. I rate Melody Fancy Floral along with the Hairstyle 4 out of 5 stars!

Also, be sure purchase this dress before March 31st to receive 50% off when you buy two outfits at!

What is your favorite feature about the two sets? ✨

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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